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About Us

For over thirty years, Halldis has been operating in the short-term rental market, with more than 1600 apartments in major cities and holiday destinations in Italy, as well as international centers like Paris and Brussels. From the canals of Milan, to the squares of Rome, passing through the districts of Paris, we select apartments in the exclusive areas of the most requested locations. The long experience honed in offering tailored solutions to those who are on the move, whether for leisure or business, taught us that it always pays off to offer our guests the opportunity to feel at home while traveling. Halldis aims to service both those traveling for pleasure who look for a rental apartment for their holidays and who travel for work and need long-term accommodation. For all, Halldis leverages the incredible experience of a journey stretching over more than 3 decades, which began in Florence and has now landed overseas. Halldis also assists home owners who are looking for reliable property managing services that include promotion, booking and customer reception services, which have long been the trademark of our company.

Our story begins in 1986

At that time, Leonardo Ferragamo created the Windows on Tuscany brand (later to become Windows on Italy), happily inspired by the idea of ​​enjoying a fabulous stay in a beautiful villa in Tuscany.

In 2002, we landed in Milan

Pietro Martani, giving shape to his intuition to focus on apartment management, landed in Italy and Europe: from a portfolio of hundred apartments in Milan, our offer gradually expanded to Paris, Rome and Brussels.

The Windows on Europe Group

In 2007, on the wave of the successes achieved, Leonardo Ferragamo and Pietro Martani founded the Windows on Europe Group.

Halldis means feeling at home

It means preserving your own pace, your habits and your times with utmost privacy, combined with the convenience of an apartment in which we take care of everything, including your happiness.