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Your perfect Bari experience has just begun! Be it for business or leisure, Halldis offers you a vast selection of apartments for rent in Bari, all beautifully furnished and situated in the prime city areas. For over 30 years we have been ensuring that every aspect of your ideal stay is covered:

- Serviced and fully equipped apartments
- Tailor-made offers for both short and extended stays
- Straightforward rental agreements without intermediaries
- Round-the-clock assistance by a team of professionals

Book your favorite Bari apartment online, or call us at +1 917 30.00.299 or +44!
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When the land embraces the sea

Bari is the magic potion of knowledge and deep traditions which blend with the modernity of the Levante Fair; it includes a promenade where you can sit and rest your eyes and the irresistible aroma of ‘sgagliozze’, one of the 101 gastronomic wonders of Europe (if Newsweek quoted this, we can very well believe it!).

Do not be deceived though, for Bari is a city full of surprises which will greet you with all the warmth of Southern Italy: for those who choose to spend their holidays or business trips in one of the many rented apartments offered by Halldis, they will own the key to discover in person the treasures of a city which has much to unfold.

Your journey starts inevitably from the Basilica of San Nicola – what, did you really think that ‘Santa Claus’, better known as Father Christmas, really lived in the North Pole? – and then just around the corner you will find Svevo Castle and finally end up in the historic city centre, a labyrinth of cobbled streets filled with ‘chianche’, bi-coloured stones displayed in an ancient code. To end off the night, visit a show at the Petruzzelli Theatre and an ice-cream on the promenade, protected by the Adriatic.

If you expect something different from the normal holiday, choosing a Bari vacation rental by Halldis will make you feel like a local, buying freshly caught fish from the port and preparing tasty dishes in the solitude of your kitchen or just deciding to stay home and laze about all day long on the terrace. Wake up just before nightfall for a tiella or a plate of steaming orechiette or, why not, even a Greek dish: don’t be surprised, we’re in Bari!