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Classic and modern styles embrace on the banks of the Danube

As Andrzej Wajda once wrote, “Belgrade is a fantastic European city, closely linked with the whole world”. Belgrade is a classic and modern city, rich in artistic and cultural traditions and is a jewel which is not yet fully appreciated but certainly one waiting to be discovered, with multiple souls which combine in harmony. For those of you not wishing to renounce your daily comfort and privacy, a rented apartment is the perfect solution and effectively replaces the traditional hotel.

In geographic terms, the city is situated between the Sava and magnificent Danube rivers, where the crystal blue water blends in with the city parks and architecture of its local buildings. In this natural charm, Belgrade offers cultural tours and entertainment to compete with the biggest cities in Europe. Halldis apartments, located right in the city centre, you can plan your walking route to admire the most emblematic monuments of the Serbian capital, like the Belgrade fortress with its adjoining Kalemegdan Park, Republic Square or the Imperial Palace.

If you are on the lookout for culinary pleasures, other than the small typical restaurants in the city centre, one of the best alternatives is to experiment with local cuisine with dinner at home in order to soak up the Serbian way of life, in the tranquillity and privacy that only an apartment can offer.