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While Tuscany is famous for its beautiful cities like Florence and Siena, the Tuscan countryside is just as attractive, giving the region a unique appeal.

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Staying on the outskirts of Florence allows you to explore the city by day before retreating to the tranquil Tuscan hills every evening.

While Florence is known for its architectural beauty, the countryside around the city also has more than its fair share of historic architectural gems, on top of the landscape that has made Tuscany synonymous with natural beauty all over the world. Yet the area around Florence is also home to a rich variety of food and wine, giving visitors the opportunity to get a taste of the real Tuscany.

Located a few kilometres away from Florence, the stunning Tuscan village of Fiesole is a treasure trove of history, culture and monuments just waiting to be discovered. As you walk the streets of this gorgeous village, you’ll be able to breathe in the rich culture of Tuscany. Etruscan influences mingle with remnants of the Roman Empire, with numerous archaeological digs having uncovered a glorious past. In time, Fiesole has regained its own identity, growing into one of Italy's most fascinating villages.

Mugello is surely famous for being the home of the Mugello Circuit, which since 1970 has attracted lovers of the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix, yet this the region is still under-explored. Staying in Mugello offers the opportunity to discover the food and wine identity of the countryside around Florence, visit the many wineries located in the area and explore the River Sieve, which brings a touch of romance to the area. Mugello is all about relaxation, good food, excellent wine, and absolute tranquillity, yet the most famous cities of Tuscany are within easy reach.

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