Marina di Ravenna
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Marina di Ravenna

Small town of the Romagna riviera whose olde-worlde and Byzantine charm will remain impressed in the hearts of those fortunate enough to visit this stretch of the coast.

Discover Marina di Ravenna

In order to enjoy its enchanting aesthetics Halldis proposes varied solutions in Marina di Ravenna, for short-term as well as longer stays.

Being a hamlet, Marina di Ravenna is not particularly big and the centre is still the best area to stay in, due to its proximity to the main places of interest and activities. The port, the various beaches and the sports activities on offer in the centre also make this municipality fairly atypical: there are various facilities for sports lovers like high towers for climbing, skateboarding ramps and schools specialising in water sports like surfing and windsurfing. Meanwhile, for more traditional tourists the swimming beaches offer a whole range of facilities and are as good as any you’ll find in Emilia.

Marina di Ravenna is also a place for old romantics: the seafront extends for numerous kilometres and every year is home to markets, festivals, art exhibitions, music and many other events. The beaches which offer this panorama are the oldest on the coast and are surrounded by a green pine grove which blocks out the sun and stays cool and pleasant inside. So, if your aim is to catch a few rays, do some sport or take an evening stroll along the shore, Marina di Ravenna won’t disappoint.

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