Siena e Val d'Orcia
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Siena - Val d'Orcia

A land of rolling hills, covered with vineyards and wheat fields, in the south of Tuscany. The landscape is typical of the region, with the changing seasons bringing different colours.

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Staying in Val d’Orcia is the perfect way to fully experience the food and wine traditions and gorgeous natural surroundings of Tuscany.

The whole of Val d’Orcia has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status on account of the way the local landscape has been preserved and protected, with settlements that complement and respect nature. Perhaps this is the reason that Val d’Orcia was home to many of the artists that led the Italian Renaissance. Pienza, just to mention one, owes much of its fame to its nickname of “ideal Renaissance city”, given to it by Pope Pius II. Staying in Pienza is a magical experience which allows you to soak up the perfectly preserved atmosphere of this ancient town.

Pienza also serves as a great base from which to explore the flavours and aromas of the area. It’s close to Montalcino and Montepulciano, two areas famous for producing complex, intense red wines. Make sure you visit the medieval village of Monticchiello and Bagno Vignoni, if you are fond of hot springs.

If you decide to go for Siena, this historic Tuscan city will welcome you with all of the region’s customary warmth. The province of Siena has always been a particularly vibrant cultural hub. To this day, it’s a thriving city that hosts numerous cultural events every year, the most important of which is the Palio di Siena, which has been held in early July every year since 1633.

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