Castello Poggibonsi
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Siena - Italy

Castello Poggibonsi

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  • 14 Pax
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Castello Poggibonsi has its origin from 1600 and it has been transformed during the centuries and new structures have been added, as the needs of space increased and today, it is a splendid castle, situated on the top of a hill with a magnificent view in all directions, surrounded by a secular park with cypresses and the typical –bosso-, box hedges. Ponds and fountains, terraces and a protected brick wall with iron lances surrounding the castle and the park, which gives you a secure sensation of privacy and quite.
The secular park with cypresses and box-hedges is about 4.000 square meters. It is surrounded by a wall in brick stone with lances on top. The old antique iron gate with two columns in brick stones and two marble lions on top, cannot be use, because it is too narrow. A little further there is a wooden gate, where the guests enter with their car to take out the luggage.
The parking is outside the wall in a secure place, where nobody can see it, and an iron gate takes you to the castle going up some stairs. A remote control will be given for the light in the evening.
In front of the main entrance of the castle there are box - hedges, one is cut in the form of a heart. A pond with red fishes and water lilies with a marble table and benches. A large terrace in the east direction opens up to a splendid view of the Chianti hills and on the top of the mountain, you can see Castellina in Chianti. Under the terrace there is a pond with red fishes.
A pergola with red strawberry grapes in a much protected area and a wall with roses, table and chairs. On the north east side there are the stairs to go down to the pool. A fountain with a fish sprinkling water. Box hedges closes this area until you arrive to the exit from the kitchen into the garden.
Just a little below the castle, there is the spacious area of the swimming pool, surrounded by bamboo and cypress hedges, pinaster and oak trees. From this position the beauty of the view is noticeable with the Chianti hills. The pool is meter 7 x 15 and the depth is meter 1,86. Around the pool there is a solarium of stones, 2 meters large. Lying chairs and umbrellas. There is an outside WC in the wood and a shower with hot and cold water.
A little stone house, once a hunting place, is now a little kitchen with electric stove and fridge with freezer, just to have a little meal or an ice cream. Outside a marble sink with hot cold water. A simple wooden table in the shade of oaks, north direction, with a magnificent view. A gazebo in marble adorns all the area.
The villa (600 sqm) is divided in three floors:
Ground floor:
The main entrance is protected by a vault, held by 4 antique columns is marble, holding an over standing balcony. On the floor, a white marble lion in welcoming you. When you enter, there is a magnificent marble staircase, leading up to the other two floors. On your left hand, you enter in the office with a working table and at its back, there is a painting with mother and child. Also a sofa group, for a little gathering. The wall painting as background, represents the –Sibille- . The caisson ceiling is also made by the Countess. Little wooden benches next to the windows, for ... meditation…
From the entrance you enter to the right, going down 4 stairs , in a large living room, very beautiful. There is an antique fireplace and sofa and armchairs, to make you feel comfortable and at you back, a library. You can easily rest a read in this room with high wooden caisson ceiling and old windows in leaden glass. Precious objects and furniture. Through a round passage where there is an antique column in the middle, you enter in the TV room. All the wall is painted with a motive called the "Spring" and below this painting along the wall a sofa to look at Satellite TV or DVD. CD player, stereo, that can be heard in the living areas and also in the kitchen. Vault ceiling in brick. To enter in the double saloon there are 2 very ancient columns and in each corner of the two vault ceilings, there are armorial paintings of the noble family. A group of armchairs and a piano, which is often used by the guests, whether for personal enjoyments or concerts. A big and functional kitchen, very original and attractive. Once it was the stable, which is testified by the brick/ceiling with iron. An oval wooden bar with high comfortable chairs, closes the cooking area. Gas kitchen with oven, wooden fireplace to cook, dishwasher, under the bar a fridge, stainless steel sink, coffee machine , toaster, water cooker etc.. A big antique dinner table with 14 chairs, that can be added with an extra table and chairs.
Two steps up and there is a large pantry with everything you need for cooking. A big fridge with freezer, a sink with hot and cold water, micro/oven, electric tools, pots and pans, a cupboard with serving plates, bowls, etc.. This is the place to keep all your store of food.
A glass door takes you in an open vault room, where there is a WC and a laundry with washing machine, dryer and also a shower and hairdryer. Another French glass door opens up to the garden, where there are all furniture, umbrella, lawn/swing. Barbecue and the direction is the sun set. You can taste your meals in the most wonderful place and there is a little fountain with a fish sprinkling water. This space is surrounded by a low stone wall with flowers on it, and you can look down to the pool.
First floor:
Composed by 3 bedrooms: The Cardinal's room has a large single bed with 4 wheels and it is called "Ferrari". The room is decorated with vertical large stripes in red and withe. The drawer painted on the picture is reproduced and placed under the painting. The window looks on the front in the park with the view on cipressess and box-hedges. The master bedroom is called the Palm room and has a baldachin bed with a precious old silk cover. The front wall is a finly painted wardrobe decorated with simbols of the 4 elements. The view looks far over the Chianti hills until Castellina in Chianti. The Sunflower room has two old brass beds. Behind the beds there is an old American quilt, "Betlehem Star". There is an armchair bed that can be used for one more person. You can see far away mountains and little villages.
Second floor:
Composed by 4 bedrooms: Decorated with horizontal stripes with the colors of Siena, grey/pink, the room with the "flying Cups" is a single bedroom (bed measures 140x200 cm) overlooking the front of the house with the view on cipresses and box-hedges in the park. The spacious double bedroom ( the bed is 180 x 200 cm ) has a magnificent Barocco fireplace in the corner and flying curtains held by Puttos painted on the walls. Through the window you see the park with cypresses and box hedges. You enter in a sitting room with sofa and armchairs in green velvet and oriental furniture. An old high Swedish wood heater in majolica in one corner. Then you go into the other sitting room with a sofa and caisson ceiling with allegoric motives and fantasy animals. The big Monumental Bathroom in white marble from Carrara with 4 columns in marble from Siena with mirrors, two sinks and a big tub with shower have a view on the far away mountains with hills and villages. The room of the Horoscopy has a lovely view over the Chianti hills until Castellina in Chianti. It is comfortable with a sofa, that can be used as an extra bed. A table, oriental furniture and the decoration of twelve medallion with the grafic signs of the zodiac, enriches the atmosphere.
The villa is not air conditioned because it has old stone walls and is immersed in the nature which keeps the property naturally cool. The bedrooms are equipped with electric fans and all the windows have mosquito nets.
Castello Poggibonsi is an amazing property perfect for who is looking for an unbelievable holiday in an Historic Castle in the heart of the Chianti. The property is well equipped, maintained and furnished, guests will be able to enjoy a magnificent secular garden (that has been selected of "One of the most beautiful gardens of Italy") with a great swimming-pool with view over the green valley. All the details have been considered and the price is really goo

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  • high-chair
  • maintenance
  • dvd
  • coffee-machine
  • television
  • washing-machine
  • swimming-pool
  • linen
  • extra-bed
  • dish-washer
  • parking
  • baby-bed
  • internet
  • hair-dryer
  • microonde

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