General terms and conditions

These general conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”) are drafted by Halldis S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Halldis”), having registered office in Piazza 4 novembre no. 7, Milan (Italy), Tax Code and VAT Number 09574000965, and govern the use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) by users (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) with reference to the services offered by Halldis and/or by companies of the same group Halldis is part of.
The User, who expressly executes the present General Conditions and accepts them by ticking the specific relevant section, is identified through the data he/she includes during registration, which necessarily has to be made before any purchase of services.

1. Website features and offered services
1.1. The Website provides visibility to various types of property units, that are located both (i) on the Italian territory and (ii) on the international territory (hereinafter referred to as the “Property Units” and each unit as the “Property Unit”) and marketed – the first ones – by Halldis and – the second ones – by Rentxpress S.A.. The latter is a company belonging to the same group Halldis is part of, incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and with registered offices in Rue du Tunnel, 15, Carouge, Genève – Switzerland, registration number with the Companies’ Register number CH-660.0.186.013-6 (hereinafter referred to as “Rentxpress”).
1.2. In relation to each Property Unit, the Users may directly execute with the owners of the Property Units, or with persons physically holding them (among which Halldis and Rentxpress), legally binding contracts granting to the same Users the use of said Property Units for limited periods of time. The nature as well as the specific content of such contracts may vary from time to time, taking into account not only the type and location of each Property Unit, but also the period of time during which the User intends to use them. Should short-term lease contracts be entered into, the brokerage activity for the letting of the Property Unit shall be carried out – where necessary – by estate agencies and by qualified brokers operating in their respective jurisdictions and promoting the lease offers through the Website.
1.3. On the Website the User may also purchase ancillary services offered by third parties, which include but are not limited to the cleaning of the Property Units.
1.4. In addition to managing the Website, Halldis offers Users the support of a multilingual team, able to provide information and explanations concerning the features of each Property Unit, its location and the services offered by Halldis and Rentxpress. Halldis’ customer service may be contacted at the telephone numbers indicated on the Website, by filling in one of the forms available on the Website or via e-mail at
2. Account registration and security
2.1. In order to enter into legally binding contracts concerning the Property Units through the Website, the User – after having chosen the services of his/her interest and having entered his/her mandatory personal data – is required to read and expressly accept the present General Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.
2.2. As credentials to access the Website, the User shall enter an active e-mail address and a password that he/she shall create. He/she hereby undertakes not to disclose and to keep secret said password, acknowledging to be the sole responsible for keeping and using it. The User hereby indemnifies Halldis and/or Rentxpress from any direct or consequential damages which may be caused to Halldis and/or Rentxpress and/or to third parties due to a failure to comply with the above-mentioned duty of confidentiality, as well as from the damages caused by unauthorised individuals accessing the Website.
2.3. By accepting the present General Conditions, the User expressly declares that all the data and personal information provided upon registration are true, correct, comprehensive and updated. The Users is required to promptly notify Halldis about any amendment to his/her data entered upon registration.
3. Bookings, conclusions of contracts for the use of the Property Units and for the purchase of ancillary services
3.1. Without prejudice to the compliance with all the requirements (such as the completion of any verification process) set out by Halldis, the Users may book the Property Units available on the Website by autonomously following the related booking procedure (through the “Online Booking” section) or with the support of the customer service.
3.2. Bookings of the Property Units located on the Italian territory shall be directly managed by Halldis, while bookings of Properties located abroad shall be managed by Rentxpress.
3.3. In both cases, the Users may read the draft contract related to the use of the Property Units, as well as any draft agreement for the purchase of ancillary services, and express their consent either autonomously (by selecting “accept” during the online procedure) or directly to the customer service. In the draft agreement all the applicable fees will be clearly indicated, including the fee due for the use of the Property Units, the security deposit, booking costs, the cost for the purchase of each ancillary service and any duty possibly applicable (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Total Costs”).
3.4. The contract shall be entered into upon receipt of the booking confirmation and – without prejudice to the provisions set forth by Article 4 below regulating changes to and cancellation of bookings, Halldis and Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – shall collect the Total Costs, all in compliance with the terms of payment referred to in Article 5 below.
4. Bookings’ cancellations
4.1. The User may cancel his/her booking, by means of a communication that shall be sent to the email address to the attention of Halldis if the Property Unit is located in Italy or to Rentxpress if the Property Unit is located abroad.
4.2. In case of cancellation by the User until the date and hour indicated for the check-in, Halldis or Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – shall refund the already paid and undue amounts in compliance with the procedure indicated in Paragraph 5.5.
4.3. Should the User notify such cancellation beyond the date and hour indicated for the check-in, Halldis or Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – shall apply a penalty equal to the 100% (hundred percent) of the Total Costs as per the booking confirmation, without prejudice to the right to compensation for damages.
5. Methods and terms of payment and reimbursements
5.1. The Total Costs, as from time to time indicated upon booking of the Property Unit, may be paid choosing on the following methods of payment:
5.1.1 credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express and Postepay) or debit card;
5.1.2 PayPal;
5.1.3 bank transfer paid in advance.
5.2. Credit Card and PayPal
The information provided by the User for the payment on the Website (such as, the credit/debit card number or its expiry date) will be forwarded, by means of an encrypted protocol, to credit institutions providing remote electronic payment services, without the possibility for third parties to access them. Such information may possibly be used by Halldis or Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – only in order to fulfil the obligations arising out of the present General Conditions as well as the accounting processes required to issue documents mandated by law (such as invoices), or if it is necessary to cooperate with the police in relation to a fraud committed on the Website.
5.3. Bank transfer
Once the request for payment by bank transfer has been made, the following procedure is to be followed:
1) The bank transfer is to be made within 3 (three) working days as of booking confirmation;
2) The reason for payment to be indicated in the bank transfer shall include the User’s first name and last name and the code of the Property Unit;
3) The bank transfer shall be made in favour of:
a. Halldis, if the Property Unit is located in Italy;
b. Rentxpress, if the Property Unit is located abroad;
In order to complete the request, it is appreciated and recommended to send a copy of the executed bank transfer by email to the following email addresses:
• if the bank transfer has been executed in favour of Halldis;
• if the bank transfer has been executed in favour of Rentxpress;
In both cases the User shall indicate in the subject of the email the code of the Property Unit and his/her own full name.
5.4. In addition to the Total Costs, if there are outstanding amounts or drawbacks associated with the method of payment chosen by the User, the latter may be charged costs for the recovery by Halldis or Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – of such outstanding amounts or drawbacks. Such costs or charges may include collection taxes, service costs or other third parties’ charges.
5.5. In the events referred to in Paragraphs 4.1 and 4.3, Halldis or Rentxpress – each as far as respectively concerned – will immediately refund the amounts; nonetheless, the timing for receiving a given reimbursement may vary depending on the method of payment used by the User and on the rules applied by the applicable payment system (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, etc.).
6. User’s Warranties
The User represents and warrants that the information provided when filling in the forms are true, correct and accurate and that he/she shall always use the Website in compliance with the provisions set forth by the present General Conditions, with any instruction published on the Website and with the general conditions referring to each single service.
7. Intellectual property
7.1 The contents published or that can be accessed through the Website are protected by copyright and industrial property laws. Halldis is the owner of the Website, of the Website pages, of the information or elements contained in the texts, documents, pictures, drawings, design, software, logos, brands, trade names or other signs protected by intellectual or industrial property rights.
7.2 The User may not, without the prior authorisation by Halldis, replicate, modify, decode, distribute, copy and disclose the afore-mentioned information or elements.
8. Limitation of responsibility and warranty disclaimer
8.1 The User exempts Halldis and Rentxpress from any responsibility arising in connection with contracts entered into with the support of the Website, associated with contents published on the Website or related to other Users’ activity or inactivity.
8.2 Halldis and Rentxpress do not assume any responsibility for an inappropriate use by third parties of the Users’ credential to access the Website, and the Users remain the sole liable towards Halldis, Rentxpress and towards third parties for the correct use of said credentials.
8.3 Halldis and Rentxpress do not warrant the continuous and uninterrupted access to the Website and to their respective services, as it may be affected by factors beyond their control. As a consequence, within the limits provided for by the Consumer Code and by other applicable laws, Halldis and Rentxpress disclaim any implied warranty, term and condition. Halldis and Rentxpress are by no means responsible for possible economic losses, losses of goodwill, or for damages to the reputation, nor for direct, indirect damages or damages consequential to the use of the Website and of the services therein offered.
8.4 The Website and its contents are provided by Halldis and Rentxpress as is and as available, without any express or implied warranty statement. Halldis and Rentxpress expressly disclaim any and all express or implied warranties, including implied warranties of merchantability, warranties of fitness for a specific use, warranties of title and non-infringement warranties. In no event may Halldis or Rentxpress be considered as liable towards third parties for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, compensatory, special, consequential or any other damages, nor for any loss of data, income, profit or goods or for damages to properties, for the interruption of the activity, loss of software or data, caused by this Website or related to the same, or by websites or services connected with the present Website or by any copy, viewing or use of them, irrespective of the legal theory underlying the claim for compensation, even if Halldis or Rentxpress had been notified that said damages may have occurred, including any damages arising out of mistakes, omissions, virus, delays or interruptions of the functioning or of the service, regardless of the reason that has caused them. Halldis or Rentxpress may not be considered as liable for losses or damages deriving from third parties’ websites or connected with them or from the content accessed through the links on the Website, from the use of this Website or any equipment or software connected with this Website.
9. Limitations to the use of the Website
9.1 When accessing or using the Website, the User undertakes not to:
a) use automatic devices, software or other systems aimed at damaging the Website, cataloguing the Website or any information it includes or at interfering with the Website’s functions or services;
b) perform actions causing a data overload or the transfer of a large amount of data into the system;
c) use the contents of the Website or perform a framing of the Website, also with the aim to create or fill databases or other collections of information, or perform any competitive activity whatsoever;
d) transmit advertising material, calls for tender or calls for competitive exams, surveys or other unsolicited forms of solicitation;
e) publish illegal, vulgar, obscene, libellous, pornographic, defamatory material or that is offensive to the public morality and to public order or however violating the rights of others;
f) violate the rights of any person, including copyright, trade secret, the right to privacy or any other intellectual property or other reserved right;
g) publish, sell, market or exploit the Website and/or its contents by any means unless expressly authorised to do so;
h) use the Website or any of its contents in any way whatsoever which may be considered as unreasonable and/or contrary to the aims of the Website.
9.2 The User undertakes to immediately notify Halldis and/or Rentxpress of any and all breaches of the present General Conditions and/or use contrary to the principles of fairness and good faith that he/she should become aware of, and of any contents that the User may deem inappropriate, violating or contrary to the law, by sending notice to
10. Indemnity
By accepting the present General Conditions, the User undertakes to indemnify Halldis and its employees, managers, agents, as well as any company of the group, including their employees, from any claim or claim for compensation of damages brought by third parties, which may be caused by an infringement of even one of the conditions set forth in these General Conditions, of the obligations laid down by the law or of third parties’ rights.
11. Third parties’ links, banners and advertisement
11.1 The Website may contain links to websites managed and owned by third parties, advertising banners directly or indirectly linking to websites managed and owned by third parties and advertising material in general.
11.2 By accessing said websites, the User acknowledges that he/she is leaving the Website at his/her own risk, being well aware that the General Conditions do not regulate the access of and browsing on said websites. The advertisement shown on the Website does not imply that Halldis adheres to or recommends it.
12. Amendments
Halldis reserves the right to amend the present General Conditions at any time. Such amendment shall be in force as of the tenth day after the notice of such amendment, which will be sent to the email address provided by the User upon registration, and an express execution thereof by the User shall not be required. The User may withdraw from the present General Conditions with immediate effect should he/she not accept said amendments.
13. Notices
13.1 Unless otherwise provided, the notices to the User in compliance with these General Conditions are sent by email to the address indicated when registering the account, and as modified from time to time. Said notices are to be deemed as received if Halldis is not notified that the email address is incorrect within 24 hours as of sending of said notices.
13.2 The User may make any communication to Halldis in relation to these General Conditions by sending an email to
14. Processing of personal data
Please refer to the Privacy Policy in order to know how the processing of personal data is regulated.
15. Governing law – Jurisdiction
15.1 These General Conditions are regulated by the Italian law.
15.2 For any and all disputes arising between the parties out of or in connection with the conclusion and/or interpretation of these General Conditions, the Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
16. Miscellaneous
16.1 Pursuant to and in accordance with article 1418 of the Italian Civil Code, should a single provision of these General Conditions be invalid, the whole contractual regulation described above shall remain in full force and effect.
16.2 The present General Conditions are drafted in Italian. In the event of any inconsistency between the translations of these General Conditions and the Italian version, the latter shall prevail.