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A pearl at the foot of the Alps

When referring to Geneva, one of the first images that capture your imagination is the beauty of its lake – calm, sprawling and majestic. On a spring day you can relax by leisurely walking along the lakeside whilst inhaling the captivating scents of blossoming trees and admiring the suggestive colours where the morning mist slowly dissolves to reveal the grandeur of Mont Blanc.

Just like all boxes of chocolate which deserve respect, Geneva offers something for everyone, with an accompanying smile and a pint of its extraordinary beer, which, by itself, could already be an excuse to convince you to visit. In this picturesque setting, amidst clock towers, 5 star hotels and luxury boutiques, Halldis apartments, all centrally located, offer the unique stepping stone to fully enjoy your holiday in this marvellous city.

Widely considered as an international city par excellence, Geneva hosts a growing number of international organizations, ranging from the UN to the Centre of International Commerce and also the Human Rights Council. For business associates, we have the best solutions, including the freedom and autonomy of a rented apartment where you can enjoy the Geneva atmosphere in the comfort and tranquility of home.

Walking along the main streets, the St.Pierre Cathedral proudly stands on the cobblestones of the Ancient City, followed by the worldly famous Jet d’Eau fountain, which you can already get a glimpse of when arriving by plane, whilst the English Garden with its towering Floral Clock charms passers-by along the way.