Hints of Autumn on Lake Garda

With the arrival of milder temperatures, even the very frequented Lake Garda is preparing for a new season, with a decidedly lower flow of tourists below the summer standards. Autumn can seem melancholy but only on paper. Choosing the lake towards the end of September or during the month of October allows you to get in touch with the lake in a gentler, slower way, without the frenetic pace and the traffic that characterizes the area in the hottest months of the year. Autumn is also the most beautiful season to photograph. 

Try to imagine: the mirror of the calm and blue lake that extends to the horizon, on whose shores you’ll find the red and yellow leaves that defend the skeletal branches of the trees. Are you ready to take your first photo?

In addition to the lake, the autumn season is particularly inviting for visiting gardens and museums. On the lake’s shore, you’ll find the Vittoriale, located in Gardone Riviera which is the home-museum of Gabriele D’Annunzio, one of the fathers of Italian poetry. A day at the Vittoriale is a great choice in comparison to the classic vacation on the lake and allows you to see with your own eyes the incredible collections of objects made by the poet, while sheltered from the cooler temperatures.

To warm yourself up, you don’t have to stray far. If you like to enjoy a good bottle of red wine, wine bars, wineries, and cantinas in the area will offer warmth and the right energy after a scenic walk by the lake. If instead you want to continue following a soberer path, why not stop in one of the romantic cafés that crowd the shores of the lake and drink hot tea while your eyes go straight to the violet colors of the sunset, and the sun disappearing behind Monte Baldo. The perfect opportunity for your second photo.

Among the events not to be missed if you decide to go to Lake Garda during the autumn season is the wine festival in Bardolino. An event that takes place on the first weekend of October and attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to taste one of the most prized and characteristic wines of the Garda Riviera. Chestnuts are also paired with the festival of Bardolino, which takes place in the picturesque town of San Zeno.

Mushroom lovers will instead be happy to know that at the end of October in the town of Spiazzi, there is a festival dedicated to the “fruits” of the mountain. We are mainly talking about mushrooms and truffles, but it is also possible to stock up on excellent fresh cheeses, jams, and honey produced in the area. If you have also gone as far as Spiazzi, a visit to the Madonna della Corona sanctuary is a must, guaranteeing a spectacular view to round off the day.

During the month of October, various events dedicated to photography and poetry are held in Sirmione, which enliven the streets of the city with an artistic ferment that is worth seeing. In Toscolano Maderno, on October 29th, the Brescia barbecue spit competition is held, to the delight of the diners who will be present at the event.

Moreover, autumn is not always synonymous with bad weather. Sometimes the weather can be uncertain but other times, autumn means clear, few clouds in the sky, and a sustainable temperature during the hours of sun, the best time for taking a nice walk in nature. All hiking enthusiasts consider autumn one of the most suitable seasons to tackle certain routes.

The trails are less cluttered with tourists. The mild temperatures don’t make you sweat like in July and August. There are many itineraries where you can take walks or go on the mountain bike trails. Like the Ponale road, which is simply the most incredible bike path in Italy.

Ask the English or German tourists. Lake Garda is one of the most enchanting places in all of Northern Italy. Many travelers choose it every year as a destination for their summer holidays, thanks also to the large number of structures that adorn the shores of the lake and combine to create an unbeatable offer compared to that of other lake areas.

Yes, because for foreign visitors, going to Lake Garda is almost like going to the sea for us Italians. There is a thin line that links the history of Benaco (the other name with which we refer to Lake Garda) to that of Germany. I’m talking about the Grand Tour, the erasmus ante litteram, the journey that the nobles of the German aristocracy carried out in Italy at the end of the years of study to see the most famous works of art in the world and natural landscapes to take their breaths away.

Attracting Germans is not an easy feat and this area’s success is due to a concentration of positive elements difficult to find in other realities. There are few places even in the Italian peninsula where you can find such a strong harmony between the environment, good food, wine, and olive oil-related products.

Those who go to this area usually never return home empty-handed. Lake Garda products are much tastier than an obsolete postcard. And a good bottle of wine is enough to immediately recall your beautiful holiday on the border between Veneto and Lombardy.

All in all, from traditional products, wineries, fairs dedicated to the best local products, spectacular views, mild temperatures, and decidedly less busy roads, autumn is truly the best time of the year to visit the lake.

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