5 New Year's Resolutions for 2019

2018 draws to a close and, as punctual as a Swiss watch, it’s time to make our New Year’s resolutions. Lucio Dalla sang that it will be a fantastic year, it will be three times Christmas and every day we will party, but for the moment it is also useful to come back down to planet earth. Between Christmas and the New Year, in fact, it will be easy (and good too!) to indulge in sweets and wine to warm you up from the low temperatures as well as enjoy the best of a long-awaited sleep, after the stress of a whole year.

There is no need to be skeptical about the lists of resolutions that you’ll see out there. There are those who completely snob the idea, shouting: “I will never respect them” and those who instead compile lists that are miles long that range from personal care to changes of attitude, evading the everyday routine while dreaming of travel in distant lands.

Bye Bye 2018

The truth is that, however cloying, good intentions help us to enter into a new perspective and this helps to reinvigorate our happiness. When on the horizon, beyond the clouds, there finally is a desire that sets our mind and our body in motion. With parties, our stress levels go down, the relaxing ones go up, and the field is cleared of all the weeds and we can now plant a new seed in ourselves. It matters little whether we will be keeping or modifying our list along the way, because we can never know what life has in store for us.

The great poet Lessing used to repeat that the expectation of pleasure is pleasure itself. I like to think that making a list of good resolutions is, in the same way, a good first step. And below you can find some suggestions to start with.

Get back into the gym

Gym, crossfit, running, cycling, so on and so forth. The important thing is to get busy and declare war on all the calories accumulated during Christmas. Yes, I know, life is stressful and probably among you there are those who are thinking, “I haven’t even had time to put my ugly Christmas sweaters back in the closet and now it’s time to get my beach body back in shape.” But the reason that should push us to get out and do some sports is not just aesthetic. Physical activity, whatever it is, frees the mind, produces those endorphins in the brain that make us have a smile on our faces and above all makes us agile in life and not just in sport.

Sleep more

This is certainly one of the easiest resolutions to put into practice. After the holidays and vacations, recover a bit of sleep that was taken away in the most demanding periods. This will help you to be more lucid, to have more energy for new experiences. Even if the quantity varies from person to person, according to scientists, the necessary amount of time for a good night’s sleep is around 8 hours. Go on the safe side, sleep for 9 or for as many as you want. A good empirical method concerns the presence of dark circles on your face. When they start to disappear, you’ll know that you’re getting just the right amount.

Take a trip

A European capital? City of Art? Seaside or in the mountains, near or far, our advice is to break the piggy bank to book that holiday you have desired for a long time as soon as possible. There are all sorts of places and choices. Our tip is to experience a city while staying in a real home. A holiday in an apartment will let you have a more personal and authentic experience of the city you’re staying in. You will no longer feel like guests or just tourists: with a holiday in an apartment you will be citizens of the world, even if for just a few days.

Read more (and this is not a pop-up)

In everyday life, reading is always in check. In many of us there is the constant desire to dive into new novels, live new adventures, and get excited about someone else’s story, but often our daily situations drive us to sacrifice reading. Make some space for yourself, perhaps in the evening before going to sleep or when you are on a trip. Keep in mind that reading has beneficial effects on all of us: it helps us to open our eyes, broaden our horizons, and get to know better what we previously ignored completely. Between a book and your phone, choose the book. And this brings us directly to the next item on the list...

Put that damn phone away

Yes, you understood correctly. Try to change the point of view for the year to come. What you hold in your hand right now is your phone, you are the masters. Do not let it be the master of you and your time. Already the fact that we are anthropomorphizing a technological object, held together by silicon and some bolts, should be enough to reflect on the predominant role that phones have gradually occupied in our lives. They allow us to be connected at all times, to work and communicate with anyone on the other side of the world. The problem is that often this is at the expense of the reality that surrounds us, to which we are attentive. So, the advice, now that you have finished reading the article is: put away the phone, take off your earphones. Dive into the city, its noises, and its colors. As Bukowski said, “people are the biggest show in the world. And you don’t have to pay for a ticket.”