A trip through the Sienese Countryside

With the arrival of spring, we’re thinking about organizing fantastic trips against the backdrop of nature. Now that the the trees are as lush as before autumn, there is nothing better than to disconnect from daily stress and plan a nice holiday in the Sienese countryside. Try to imagine it: the roads, intersections, roundabouts, and traffic jams are replaced by the soft rolling hills that extend to the horizon; the traffic lights become trees, and at most, when waiting for the traffic light to change, you could find a family of wild animals that take refuge in the thick vegetation.

There are a lot of things to see in the Sienese countryside, so much so that it is useful to get an idea of what you would like to visit to make the most of your time. I’m sure you already know many towns in the Sienese countryside, made famous by the wines that proudly bear the name of the town they are produced in on the label. In all other cases, the names of these small villages where time seems to have stopped simply become synonymous with good food and living in peace and harmony.

Let’s start from Montalcino where the famous red wine, Brunello, is produced, one of the most appreciated wines in all of Italy. The village is still fortified by a wall dating back to the 13th century and inside you can walk in the midst of shops and small bars, without forgetting the museums where you can admire many works of art dating back to medieval times. Remaining on the subject of good wine, we would like to say a few words on Montepulciano: one of the most famous Tuscan villages in the entire Sienese countryside. You must absolutely visit the large square whose 4 sides are occupied by ancient buildings that remind you of their history dating back to the time of Florentine lords. A short walk in the village will bring you to the Duomo. Be sure to  stop in the many shops that embellish the historic city center for good local products.

The Sienese countryside is very scenographic and is also closely linked to one of the most important Russian directors in the history of cinema. We are talking about Andrej Tarkovsky, who produced great masterpieces such as Solaris and, for what interests us in relation to the article, especially that milestone that responds to the name of Nostalgia. There are 2 places to visit in a sort of cinematic journey through the Sienese countryside. The first is the Abbey of San Galgano which is magical and capable of leaving you speechless. It is a huge basilica more than 70 m long which, however, has no roof. This produces a truly unexpected optical effect to be seen with your own eyes. Bagno Vignoni is the location that closes this article on the Sienese countryside. It is a small village that has a square full of thermal water, which flows at more than 50° C. Around it develops the countryside that deserves a visit and also some snapshots.


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