Bicycle paths in Marina di Ravenna

With the arrival of spring, it’s worth organizing a nice trip to the sea. Even if it’s not time to dive in yet, cities that overlook the Adriatic Sea such as Marina di Ravenna guarantee a whole series of activities dedicated to those who love sports and, in this case, cycling. Fantastic bike paths await us along the Adriatic coast. A good idea is to plan an overnight stay at the fabulous Marinara apartments, located on the Lido of Marina di Ravenna. On the square, it is possible to rent bicycles and the paths are just a short distance from the city center.

Among the routes there is the one that from the city of Ravenna leads to the beaches immersed in a naturalistic context composed of pine forests and lagoons. It is important from a historical point of view for the presence of monuments you’ll find along the path. Once you’ve reached the beach, the main route unwinds from Punta Marina to Marina di Ravenna. For those who want to venture inside the wonderful park of the Po Delta, there is a ferry that crosses the Candiano Channel into an extraordinary ecosystem, ready to be photographed.

Without using the ferry, there is also a route dedicated to nature lovers that connects Ravenna to Cervia. It’s 25 km long and will take you 2.5 hours. It’s easy and within everyone’s reach. You’ll pedal in the shade of centuries-old pine forests, around archaeological areas in the city of Ravenna, and be able to admire the basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, a UNESCO heritage site. The pine forest that rises around Cervia has an extension of 260 hectares and, for those who intend to stay a few more hours at the seaside, there are a bunch of bathing establishments, bars, and restaurants destined to make our stay even more relaxing.

Speaking of cycle paths, however, from Marina di Ravenna there is a long one that leads right to the historic city center of Ravenna for those who want to continue the adventure. From Ravenna you can decide to follow the Montone river and go into a less urban and more natural landscape, following the signs that lead directly to San Pancrazio for 40 kilometers. It is suitable for those who already consider themselves an expert cyclist.

It is also worth mentioning the path that leads from Marina di Ravenna to the station of the homonymous city passing through the mouth of the Bevano, the path of the promenade, the Dante beach, and the Adriano beach. It’s just a short distance from the bathing establishments overlooking the Adriatic. It’s a healthy and fun way to be outdoors, while practicing sports and deeply breathing the fresh air from the sea.
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