Christo’s Floating Piers between Monte Isola and Sulzano


Lake Iseo, June 2016 - From June 18th until July 3rd the Lake Iseo will be hosting a truly unmissable event, which is going to attract visitors from all over the world. Have we raised your curiosity? It’s the Floating Piers, the contemporary piece of art created by the Bulgarian artist Christo, famous worldwide for having ‘wrapped up’ buildings and monuments scattered in the most diverse locations.

On this unique occasion, it’s a suspended bridge magically spreading from the mainland across to Monte Isola, the biggest lake island in Italy and the highest in Europe. This won’t be a traditional bridge, but a walkaway made of thousands of polyethylene cubes floating a few centimeters above the water: it will welcome more than 150,000 visitors per day, giving them the impression of walking on the water.

As the walkaway will follow the wave movement, the feeling of being suspended on the lake surface will definitely reshape the way you have understood walking so far. According to the artist himself, this experience is going to be “personal, tactile and palpable, almost sexy”.


Getting to the Lake Iseo is very easy thanks to the dense road and highway networks connecting the area around Sulzano to the other main Italian cities. Being only 100km from Milan, 40km from Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport and 200km from Venice, Sulzano is the perfect choice to start one’s journey and discover new places around.

Whilst the exhibition is in place, car traffic in Sulzano – the walkaway starting point – will be prohibited. This is due to the high number of people who are expected on the shores of the Lake Iseo. The surrounding area will be then served by a shuttle bus service in order to connect the walkaway starting point with the lake promenade.

We suggest a cheapest and environmentally-friendlier alternative: why don’t you take the train to Sulzano? There are about 84 Trenord trains running every day, and the railway company offers a daily ticket at the special price of Euro 13,00, valid on all Trenord trains of 1st and 2nd class.


The Floating Piers is not only a marvelous piece of contemporary art, but also the perfect occasion to treat yourself to a pleasant adventure in the area around the Lake Iseo.

You have a wealth of daily trips you can choose from: discover breathtaking scenery and indulge yourself in the tastes and colors of the local food products.

For the whole time of the exhibition – from June 18th to July 3rd – you can eat on the much-renowned Treno dei Sapori (Train of taste) (see the article we have published on our website). All year round the Treno dei Sapori offers trips and excursions across Valle Camonica, the valley located between the Franciacorta region and the Lake Iseo, to discover ancient monuments, breathtaking scenery and tasty local products.


The Floating Piers might be the right occasion to spend a pleasant holiday in our apartments located around the Lake Iseo. Where? You have plenty of choice. Halldis has apartments available for short- and long-term rentals in Sulzano, Parzanica, Sarnico and Monte Isola. All our apartments are fully serviced and with precious finishing, so that you can enjoy your holiday with the comforts of a ‘home sweet home’.

The apartments in Sulzano are set into a quiet environment: only moments from the lake, they offer you marvelous panoramic views at daytime. Parzanica apartments are located on the hills instead: from here you have stunning 360 views of the lake.

In Monte Isola we have many other incredible flats for the visitors spending some days far from the mainland, who look for solace, peace and inspiration.

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