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Cindy's second home in Milan

Cindy Ko, the talent behind, established in 2008, Cindiddy is an influential fashion and lifestyle blog based in Hong Kong that speaks to the trendsetters, tastemakers, and artists of the world. Cindy curates a collective of her fashion, personal style, health and travel inspiration by visiting vacation hotspots and attending fashion weeks across the globe.

Fashion week in Milan: tips to choose your accommodation

Hi, my name is Cindy Ko and had chance to visit Milan in September, where I attended Fashion Week.

Whenever I travel, especially for fashion week, accommodation is one of the first, and most important decision I make. I need to be central enough to hopefully be in walking distance (if not in close proximity) to most shows, but at the same time, not in a busy area where traffic is always terrible, and impossible to catch a cab.

What I generally look for is a place I can call my own! This is the feeling I had during my stay in Milan, where I had the chance to try delicious Italian take-away food while chilling in my apartment after flights and catwalks!

Hence I chose this quaint, and spacious one-bedroom apartment in Porta Venezia. I was only a 5 minute walk from the Gucci show and catching a cab was never a problem.

Tip: Choose a street or address you can pronounce with ease!! This is especially helpful when you call for taxis, because if they can’t understand you, they hang up on you. Not even kidding!


We’ve all been on other websites that rent out apartments but I came across Halldis just before my trip and the options they presented in Europe were far better than any other site I’ve been on.

Browsing at the holiday homes they offered inspired me to possibly do a little road trip around Italy next year!!

I was able to live the apartment as my little spot in Milan, which is very reassuring when you travel a lot for work, as I often do.

On top of that, lastly, is the service!!! When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want is bad service, unhelpful, rude staff (not just at hotels, but restaurants and people in general).

Upon booking my apartment, I got an email with basically all the information you need, like arrival information, how to customize your stay (they can stock your fridge with groceries, provide you with airport pick up, laundry service, book tours, drivers,and also sim cards!) and you get introduced to a helpful staff at Halldis (who will also greet you at check in and tell you everything you need to know about the apartment you selected).

Here are other photos of my ideal place to stay in Milan during fashion week. What I loved most was THE CLOSET inside the apartment. I was able to put all my stuff unlike many hotels where the space is quite small and therefore also the wardrobe.

It was nice to feel like a local, after all, that is the BEST way to travel!

Last but not least, here are some extracts from my Instagram page! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo!

Now it’s your time to spend an incredible holiday in Milan!



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