Seeking flavours and aromas

You are looking for an oasis of peace, somewhere to enjoy a bit of relaxation. You want to let yourself be surprised by colours and aromas in a magical place. You are in Perarolo di Cadore, the perfect place to enjoy a holiday to the fullest if you are looking for good food and fun. From your apartment in Perarolo, just put your snow boots and start wandering in search of unique experiences!

As in the best mountain traditions, typical cooking here is often based on sausages, cheeses and meat dishes – food to warm you during cold winter days – in front of a nice blazing fire.

Have you ever tried Casunziei all'Ampezzana?

The town of Perarolo, perched on the splendid slopes of the Dolomites, will bring joy to your eyes and satisfaction to your stomach. After a bike ride immersed in nature, or a walk under the full moon, you will shake off stress and dedicate this time to yourself. The pure air and the outings on the mountains will be an excellent prelude to one of the more interesting activities you can do at Perarolo di Cadore: tasting characteristic food of the Dolomites.

You have your choice of the best-loved dishes in traditional Belluno cooking. Among the specialties, try the famous Casunziei all’ampezzana, ravioli stuffed with red turnips, flavoured with melted butter and smoked ricotta cheese and seasoned with a sprinkling of poppy seeds: a delicacy that will delight you from the first taste and a specialty of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Before this area was filled with luxurious villas, the Ampezzanos worked in the mountains and lived on what they grew and raised in the marvellous valley surrounding the town. Vegetable growing, especially turnips, together with the goodness of the ravioli dough, led to the development of these little half-moons, sisters of the South Tyrolean schlutkrapfen.

Following traditional mountain cuisine, generally meat-based, try the Pastin, the star of local festivals, which is a sausage of beef and pork flavoured with white wine, garlic and spices and accompanied by polenta. Eaten cooked or not, the Pastin is coin-shaped, often used as a sandwich filling and a good meal during outings in the forest: A burst of energy to continue the day on the trails.

Another popular meal in the area are the so-called Pendole, smoked meat artisanally produced, cut into strips and set to marinate, seasoned with salt, pepper, red wine, cinnamon, rosemary, sage and garlic. During the smoking process, they are put between two layers of sawdust and a layer of juniper boughs, while on one side a slow fire burns with very little flame but billowing spirals of smoke and fragrance.

If you are a fan of cooking, there is nothing better than a tour of the farms, Alpine pastures containing herds of animals and local dairies where you can discover the best of the regional traditions. Children go crazy to meet cows, horses, sheep and pigs, while mama and papa can taste a few of the specialties while enjoying a few rays of sun.

Perarolo di Cadore is part of the celebrated Street of Cheeses and flavours of the Belluno Dolomites (literally Strada dei Formaggi e dei Sapori delle Dolomiti bellunesi). Development of milk and cheese production and quality food crops required a synergy between the local food producers and the restaurants.

This unity of purpose led to the creation of dishes based on authentic, delicious ingredients, always fresh. A survey will turn up some 34 special cheeses made among dairies, pastures and cheese producers located on striking summits of the Dolomites, framed by gentle slopes and woods. Beyond visits to agricultural producers, this tour will reveal about 38 caterers who use recipes based on cheeses.

And you might also meet the farmer making the sale. Or why not turn directly to a local business to ask for some typical delicacies to bring home and make friends and relatives happy?

With the Street of Cheeses in the Belluno Dolomites, the mountain offers its guests a chance to discover old-fashioned, authentic tastes that tell stories of this region’s history. In Cadore, you’ll never lack for occasions to taste local delicacies. Between an excursion through the woods and climbs up the slopes of the Dolomites, you may encounter by chance some tasting events and local festivals to make your stay even happier.


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