The first Ski Lifts Open in Ponte di Legno

There’s fresh snow in Ponte di Legno, a beautiful mountain village situated in the shadow of the Passo del Tonale (located at 1,883 meters above sea level)! The first autumn snow has whitewashed the slopes of the Adamello Ski area and has inaugurated the start of the ski season.

At the summit of Monte Adamello there are already some slopes open that descend from the Presena glacier to the Passo Paradiso, at 3,000 and 2,000 meters respectively. The open slopes, for the moment, are the red ones mentioned above but there are also some blue ones that start from Passo Presena and are certainly more suitable for those with less confidence on skis.

The Adamello Ski area is one of the most popular places for mountain lovers. There are over 100 km of trails which allow you to descend from the glacier down to the town of Ponte di Legno, via a trail that winds through pine forests, in a scenario of priceless beauty. At every turn, there are wonderful landscapes that frame the horizon: peaks, backsides of mountains, and small lodges that complete what can be considered a small paradise on earth located in the heart of Alta Val Camonica which is just a few hours from Milan.

In Ponte di Legno, there are really slopes for all ability levels. Challenging, relaxing, and of medium difficulty, suitable for both the most skilled skier as well as those who have just started to learn. For families, there is a wonderful baby park where you can take the little ones to start learning how to ski. For older children, however, there is the possibility to book lessons with the ski instructors in Ponte di Legno, a staff of the highest level with ski champions who for years have competed in important national and international competitions. Just next to the Scoiattolo slope, you can find the Fantaski park, a magical area that welcomes young skiers from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, for fun in total safety.

There is nothing more beautiful than a nice lunch in a lodge to regain strength after a challenging descent. Right at the Passo Paradiso lodge, just one of the many lodges scattered around the slopes of the Passo, you can taste delicacies of the area, such as a nice polenta with deer salmì or one of the traditional drinks for those who love skiing: the bombardino. From the lodge, you can enjoy an exceptional view overlooking the valley below. Inside you can take advantage of the excellent service for lunch before gliding down the slopes or trekking with snowshoes.