4 cities to visit in 2020

2019 is finally coming to an end and like every year, it’s time to list your resolutions to start the year ahead with the right energy and your best foot forward. This year, it’s even more important, since we’re not only about to end a simple calendar year but a whole decade in which we have all grown, changed, and we have lived experiences that have led us here today.

It is therefore worth stopping for a moment to reflect on your path up to now and at the same time identify a new trajectory for your next steps. For this reason, the resolutions we propose have to do with different destinations and the many different paths scattered around Italy. There is no better way than to get on the road, both mentally and literally. Curiosity, the sense of discovery, and the desire to explore will be the themes that will guide this article and the beginning of a new decade in all our lives.


What better way to start the new year, if not with a visit to one of the most vital and energetic cities in all of Italy? It’s a contagious energy: Neapolitans understand life and live their days far away from the typically Milanese stress. Furthermore, not to be underestimated, is the presence of a mild climate that allows you to escape from the cold winter temperatures in Northern Italy during the colder season.

A stay in Naples means diving into a colorful and historic city. It means walking in Piazza del Plebiscito and heading towards the historic city center, just as it means filling your belly and heart with the delights that can be tasted in the best Neapolitan restaurants. Pizza here is a true work of art that is still prepared in a unique and inimitable way, and concluded with a coffee which, although it seems strange in a globalized world like that of 2019, remains one of the best coffees in the whole world.


The cradle of the Renaissance. A visit to this open-air museum of inestimable value cannot be missed on our map. Florence is one of those cities that invokes fainting, as Stendhal used to define it. At every corner, at the end of every street, it is possible to admire works of art. It is also possible to visit the Uffizi Gallery which completes the experience of a real deep dive into Renaissance art, with all its classic forms.

Again in Florence you can feed your mind and body. On the one hand, as mentioned so far, there is a myriad of priceless masterpieces. On the other, you have the opportunity to taste traditional local products and, for the more curious and demanding, also organize a trip to the Tuscan countryside where vineyards that form precious bottles of Chianti extend. Florence is a show that deserves to be included in our personal list of places to visit to start the new year in a big way.


The Eternal City. There is a reason why this city still has this nickname. Rome is able to decisively change our mood. It’s like fainting, very similar to that of Florence. Yet at the same time, the result is different. Walking through the streets of Rome is an extraordinary experience, you are invaded by emotions for the beauty that surrounds you, when the marble of historical monuments shines in the colors of the purple sunset that are also reflected on the waters of the Tiber.

Even in this case, a stop in Rome means making peace with yourself and being overwhelmed by a multitude of sensory experiences. On the one hand, there are the Vatican museums, on the other contemporary art galleries. As for food, however, there is really an infinity of choice and above all at moderate prices. A carbonara, amatriciana, or gricia are not scarce in the city of Rome. Moreover, walking in the historic center, perhaps in the early days of 2020, is an experience that can make us reflect on the glorious past that accompanies us and at the same time the life that shows us new ways to go. Because all roads lead to Rome ...


Bologna is truly a heart-shaped city that puts the citizen at the center of its values. Perhaps it is one of the most liveable cities in Italy, even though a modern city. Also in this case, as in the best tradition of the cities of Italy, there is a perfect mix of historical elements and modernity. Such as the university, for example, which is one of the oldest places of study in the world and at the same time today is attended by a multitude of young students who give new life to the city. The historic center is literally dotted with monuments with which you can take some memorable selfies. Try to think how nice it would be to take a photo with your partner, family, or friends on top of the famous Torre degli Asinelli.

If the city of Bologna seems too small, we can always suggest a walk in the surrounding area. Beyond historical monuments and art, in fact the city of Bologna is surrounded by green areas and the Bolognese hills that extend around the perimeter of the city. If we wanted to give a new spiritual character to 2020, it could be an idea to organize a trip on foot, a quiet walk in the direction of San Luca, a sanctuary visible from the highest points of the city. It’s an opportunity for a small excursion, in silence and in the harmony of nature, while remaining just a short distance from the city center.


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