Halldis apartments in Torre Galfa

The history of Torre Galfa begins with its name: GalFa, a geographical and semantic meeting point between Via Galvani and Via Fara. Once the headquarters of Sarom, the oil refinery company, and then home to Banca Popolare di Milano, it scrapes the sky with its 103 meters of height and is reflected in the windows of the Pirellone which is just a short distance from the Milan Central Station.

Designed by architect Melchiorre Bega and built in 1959, the structure was purchased in 2006 by Fondiara Sai and then in 2012 by the Unipol group, together with a redevelopment and enhancement project for the building that saw renovations beginning in 2016, after about 16 years of inactivity (if you don’t consider the 10 days the building was used by the collective Workers of Art who temporarily transformed the 30 floors of the Tower into a laboratory of art and culture).

Today Torre Galfa is preparing to become an intrinsically modern structure, destined as a hospitality space in the sharing economy. Inside there will be 63 prestigious apartments managed by Halldis, with a spectacular view of the Porta Nuova district, which today represents the new face of the Lombard capital, home to important companies and a metaphor for the tireless activity that characterizes its citizens.

According to the words of Gio Ponti, one of the most famous and influential architects and designers of the city of Milan, the elegance of Torre Galfa was all in its simple beauty which is able to communicate truth. Perfect proportions of volume, simplicity of lines, and structural ancestry have made this tower a key symbol of the Milanese skyline. Built in reinforced concrete, it has a supporting structure almost completely hidden by the aluminum and glass curtain walls.

The opening of Torre Galfa is scheduled for the end of the year.