The story of Palazzo Mazzoni

by Jacopo Cazzaniga


Palazzo Mazzoni was born from the ashes of an old power station, built in 1937 to satisfy the energy needs of the nearby station of Venezia Santa Lucia, with its more than 30 million passengers travelling each year.

In the past, the power station served the entire railway station: down into the belly of the complex, the boilers, similar to huge whales, burned the coal for both the station heating system and the passengers’ coaches.

The Mazzoni complex has been planned and designed as an engine, keeping the coal manufacturing cycle as its main source of inspiration. The building develops around a massive core area, the spaces are organized according to the coal transportation cycle, proceeding down towards the huge boilers, which were once used for steam production


Most of the equipment was removed from the Mazzoni power station before the renovation works, which took place back in the 90s, unfortunately without any interest in preserving the soul of the old building. For years and years, Palazzo Mazzoni was an empty box, which laid abandoned in the very heart of the Cannaregio district: like a dormant volcano, the Venetians ended up forgetting it and let other two low quality buildings be built next to it.

The renovations ended in 2010, when the building was opened to the general public as a residential complex comprising up to 30 apartments of different types and sizes – from marvelous penthouses with three bedrooms to one-bedroom apartments offering lovely views of the Scalzi convent garden. .


Palazzo Mazzoni is now a refined complex (belonging to energy category A), whose stunning appearance proves how strong the wish was to restore such an important period building to the city’s benefit. The structure is made of steel and wood, with exposed beams on the ceiling, glass panels overlooking the internal courtyard, mosaics tiles in the bathrooms and led lights in the shared areas, spreading a quiet and peaceful white shade.

Palazzo Mazzoni is not only a residential complex, but it is similar to a dormant volcano: you will regenerate in this haven of rest in the bustling heart of Venice. Enjoy this new way of living the city, opposite to the crazy holidays so beloved by tourists. Palazzo Mazzoni is the ideal starting point to enjoy the sunrise at the Arsenale, and to stroll down to Cannaregio Fondamenta at sunset.

Ask to those living in Naples, on the Stromboli island or in Sicily: when you sleep too close to a volcano, you suck its vital energy. And Palazzo Mazzoni is the place to recharge your batteries before taking the plunge into the crowd and exploring Venice.


Palazzo Mazzoni apartments await you for an unforgettable holiday in Venice, escaping the crowd of tourists’ hot spots, on the quiet backdrop of the Cannaregio district. The complex offers units of different sizes, suitable for the needs of all clients.

Palazzo Mazzoni is easy to reach, being located only moments on foot from Santa Lucia railway station: you’ll be grateful for this detail, when you will be unloading your bags from the train!

In order to reach the complex you don’t need to cross any bridge or take the ferry. Less than five minutes away on foot is the ‘Calle Priuli ai Cavalletti’, where you will leave the luggage, relax and start discovering Venice!

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