Interesting restaurants in Milan

Milan is a modern, cutting-edge city. There are many special restaurants where you can go for an original lunch or dinner. We are sure that these proposals will amaze you.

Near Milan’s central station, a unique restaurant opened a few years ago immersed in the area of bars and clubs that crowd the streets of the Lombard capital. We’re talking about the Crazy Cat Café, the first café where coffees are served with a purr! The bar is in fact full of furry little friends, who will make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner a very relaxing experience for you and for them.

The managers of the restaurant are in fact very attentive to the animals’ wellbeing, sometimes even granting them a few days of vacation, just as you would with real employees. Otherwise, the Crazy Cat Café is a normal café where breakfast and lunch are served and excellent aperitifs are also organized in the evening.

Trattoria Bertamé is located in the Città Studi area and is another tale of a happy and successful experiment. The trattoria shares the same space with a garage, where the owner has decided to reinvent himself and goes from repairing motorcycles to working in the kitchen. This is a bit similar to what happened in Rome’s Trastevere area at the café Freni e Frizioni but only for the proximity of a garage to the café. It seems like an absurd tale, but know that at Trattoria Bertamé on Via Lomonaco you can eat really well and it is worth to make the trip just to see the particularity of the place.

28 Posti does not need an introduction. This is a small room consisting precisely of a very small amount of seats. It is located in the Porta Genova area, just a short walk from the canals. The staff is entirely made up of former prisoners from the Bollate Prison, who thanks to this restaurant can enjoy a second chance in life. If you give this place a chance, you won’t regret it. The menu, decor, and prices will make you very happy even if for a short lunch break or a longer and more complete dinner in the evening.

Instead, at the Milleluci restaurant in Milan, you get on board a time machine and go back to the 60s, when the music and the fashion of the historic dance halls were still in vogue. Here everything recalls those years: the music in the background, the bright lights, the imaginative colors. The important thing, though, is that you also eat really well. Do not underestimate spending an unusual evening transported back in time to the lightness of a joyful past, which many still remember with affection.

Closing this list of interesting restaurants in Milan is the charming Bar Luce of the Prada Foundation, designed by the great director Wes Anderson. If you have seen some of his films such as The Royal Tenenbaums or Grand Budapest Hotel, you know what to expect: perfect geometrics, bright colors, but also bottles and other small objects that are clear inspirations of the early 20th century. A unique place in a city like Milan that has so much to offer.


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