The Italian Alps

The beauty of the mountains

The Italian Alps, lying in the northernmost part of the Bel Paese, extending for more than 1,200 kilometres, represent one of the most important natural inheritances for Italy and beyond. In fact, the Alps themselves delineate the borders between Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia, like a treasure desired by many nations.

Calling all admirers of mountains: don’t miss this! The loveliest peaks and the most striking trails are here for you. These are ideal places to ski, go rock climbing, follow unknown paths in search of surprises and explore an area where nature reigns supreme and untouched.

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A small town in Sondrio province, perched 1,500 metres above sea level, Madesimo is a prized location for winter sports enthusiasts. With more than 60 km of ski trails, endless trails for cross-country skiing and an opportunity to try the thrill of snowmobiling, this area is often frequented by young snowboarders and skiers of all ages.

As Giosuè Carducci said of this place so dear to him, “Wafting smoke rises from cottages / White and blue among the moving plants / With a light aura: the cascading Madesimo / Passes through emeralds / In red robes.

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Ponte di Legno

The nice town of Ponte di Legno is located in Alta Val Camonica, near the Presena Glacier and the Adamello Mountain. During the winter season, Ponte di Legno becomes one of the most beautiful locations for ski lovers.

The Adamello complex is a real paradise for all the snow-lovers out there. Miles and miles of ski slopes, different ranges of difficulty and beatiful mountain retreats complete with breathtaking views await you for the best winter holiday you'll ever have.

Perarolo di Cadore

A village mounted in the Belluno Alps, Perarolo di Cadore is a great place for sports fans and vacations dedicated to well-being and relaxation. This is a magical place where extreme sports alternate with sports for all ages, where the houses echo with stories of ancient times, where everything has remained unchanged, keeping the beauty of days gone by.

Even a hint of Perarolo di Cadore is enough to be exciting, as is breathing the exhilarating air of a place that is welcoming by definition. Cadore welcomes you, it tells you about itself, it seduces you with the charm of its countryside and its unmistakable flavours, and it conquers you forever.


Gressoney, a thrilling destination for ski lovers: a great place for sports activities from the beginning, and a prime spot for skiing. With an enviable number of ski trails, almost all equipped with snow machines, Gressoney, located in Val D'Aosta and just a couple of hours of driving from Milan, offers a chain of skiable surfaces. In addition to ski schools for beginners or the little ones, the experienced skier can enjoy four black ski trails, to satisfy everyone!

Nature in its uncontaminated grandeur, where the mountains dominate the horizon and the beauty of the lake shines in the distance, where the crystal-clear, healing waters can make the days so pleasant. A place where all visitors can rediscover themselves and reconnect with their own essential nature.

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