The Italian Lakes

The Italian lakes, a treasure at world's disposal

With more than a thousand lakes of incomparable charm, Italy boasts one of the most exciting natural repertoires in all Europe. Its lakes are very different from each other, although most of them are located in the northernmost areas of the Bel Paese. Some of the most famous are Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo and the unmistakable Lake Como.

Known worldwide as a destination for celebrities but not only, the lake is increasingly the popular choice of foreigners on holiday in Italy. With the opportunity to spend entire days in nature, practicing every kind of sport and activity, the lake is an idyllic place for families and couples to spend time. The beaches, supplied with every comfort and well equipped for recreation for the little ones, allow bathing and relaxation.

So many sports can be done in the open air: primary among the aquatic activities are windsurfing, sailing, swimming, scuba diving and fishing, often celebrated with major sporting events. The rest of your free time can be spent in a host of other activities, like golf and mountain biking, as well as horse riding and trekking.

Let your instinct inspire you; let your passions guide you to a suffusion of flavours and aromas.

Lake Garda

With the Alps in the background, crystalline waters and historical evidence everywhere, this is Lake Garda. A one-of-a-kind place, indescribable, whose shores attract fleets of tourists in search of sports and nature every year.

From Sirmione to Limone, over tidy and relaxing beaches, everything around you will make you smile! A land full of history, of traces leading back to ancient times, artistic festivals and culture without equal.

Lake Iseo

If the lake could tell about the adventures and events that have taken place on its shores – who has come through, who has stayed, who has settled on its banks – it could fill the archives. After the Etruscans, the barbarians – and in more recent times, Venetians and Austrians – Lake Iseo remains a unique place to spend time.

Located at 180 metres of altitude in the subalpine hills and with an area of 65 square kilometres, today it is the favourite destination for Nordic tourists, with a large influx of Dutch and Germans. Beyond the usual aquatic activities, during the year there are so many cultural attractions to take in: from festivals, to folk markets, on to music festivals, everyone eagerly flocks here to spend even a short holiday in this enchanted place.

Take some time to visit a small pearl of Lake Iseo, Marone, a small village which is going to overwhelm you with surprises.

Lake Maggiore

Cradled between Italy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore – whose name expresses the ancient belief that it is the largest basin in the entire subalpine zone – is definitely one of the most exciting places to discover. This area teems with history, findings and evidence, as can be seen from the long list of castles and ancient villas, which can be admired from along the shores of the lake.

If you come to this area, you can’t forego a little trip to Leggiuno, where you can admire the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, a splendid monastery built on the rocky coast. The building is reached by a stairway that rises from the lake, affording you a peerless vista.

Lake Como

One of the most striking places in the world, a small paradise made of picturesque towns and natural trails with a thousand nuances. A place to spend the day on hikes, admiring the small surprises that the lake provides, when the sun is reflected on the clear water, every day with a slightly different colour.

To confirm the beauty of this place, aside from the extremely famous houses of great American actors, Bellagio is recognized with the environmental “blue flag” by Legambiente, as a tribute to an area with the cleanest waters in Italy.