The ultimate holiday

Why Madesimo

When you think of the ultimate holiday, it is easy to imagine far-off destinations, somewhere hard to reach, somewhere daunting.

Forget that cliché and see your dreams from a new perspective. Only 110 kilometres from Milan, or 50 kilometres from Sondrio, Madesimo is a place that poet Carducci visited repeatedly, spellbound by the beauty of the alpine countryside. There is everything you could ever want and more.

Your tailor-made holiday

For those unafraid to brave the toughest slopes. For those who consider skiing a matter of technique, courage and training. For those for whom this sport is more than a passion. Start from the chair lift station at Val di Lei and travel 2.5 kilometres, for a total drop of 1,000 meters, to the entrance to the Alpe Groppera. It is the ‘Canalone’, a truly unique experience.

For those who love the snow unconditionally, how softly it rests on the alpine hillsides. That isn’t poetry, just a taste of what Madesimo can offer. Trails for cross-country skiing and for snowmobiling, such as the Ski Area Valchiavenna or alpine skiing at the Baldiscio Pass – and don’t forget the chance to go snow kiting; an exciting cross between kiting and snowboarding. You may or may not meet a VIP, but you will certainly have a great time.

An emotion for every taste

Madesimo, where sports are at your feet, and not just the usual activities you find in alpine countryside: Madesimo offers much more. There, at 1600 meters of elevation, you can play mountain golf and, for those with special skills, there is the chance to go canyoning. There is even a place for fishing enthusiasts: Torrente Scalcoggia is the perfect place to go fly-fishing, whether no-kill or traditional. In Madesimo you can create a holiday just for you!

Some sports need the right location to be enjoyed fully. This landscape and the surrounding area make all the difference: Mountain biking and Madesimo, a perfect combination. Many bicycling trails, some paved, for all skill levels and they are easily accessible. In Valchiavenna, even freestylers can find what they are looking for in Made-Park at an altitude of 1800 meters.

For avid hikers, the area offers not only the typical walk, but the quintessential hike. The lovely Nordic Walking at Campodolcino, a challenging trail between Gualdera and Bondeno and a visit to the Valcava Alpine Garden: these are just some of the possible excursions. Charming paths in the middle of nature are just waiting to reward you with breath-taking sights and moments of pure relaxation.

Every season has its activities

You can’t say you have had the ideal vacation if you haven’t feasted your eyes on the alluring Madesimo, its views, the surrounding areas and its cuisine, as delicious as it is authentic. Expect the best from Madesimo, if not more. For a holiday on the slopes or to revel in flowering trees, any time of year is a good time to visit!

In the winter, enjoy many sporting activities and cosy evenings in a log cabin. In the summer, take long nature discovery walks without foregoing culinary delicacies. For starters, bresaola from Valchiavenna and goat prosciutto (in Italian Violino di Capra), with unique cream cheeses such as Valtellina casera DOP and Formaggio d’Alpe Bitto DOP. Followed by pizzoccheri pasta and Starleggia potatoes, renowned for their antioxidant properties…all washed down with fine local wines. This is no ordinary menu; it is a true taste of the Madesimo area.

Buckle your harness and go climbing, because springtime in Madesimo welcomes you! The natural beauty of Vallespluga and Valchiavenna creates the perfect place to hone your climbing techniques. Challenge yourself with the sandstone of Cranna, the Maloja pass that leads from Chiavenna to the Swiss border, or the Acquafraggia cliffs, not forgetting the journey from enchanting Fraciscio to Angeloga or Pizzo Stella.

The biggest problem for climbers will not be in managing what nature offers, but choosing among the many exciting possibilities on offer.

Spend an incredible holiday in Madesimo and find your tailor-made accommodation.