Marina di Ravenna’s Seafront

Surely among the readers, there are children, now grown up, who have memories of their summers spent at sea, such as a summer spent in Marina di Ravenna. Located on the coast of Emilia-Romagna, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, this fraction of Ravenna is part of the Lidos that every year attract tourists and citizens to fine sand beaches that characterizes the region’s coast.

Initially a fishing village, after the 20s it experienced its first development and gained a strong tourist gathering. Towards the end of the 20s, the first tourists and tourist companies were opened. In the 30s the urban plan that still today characterizes the town was built. The promotion of the city brought results in the late 90s, so much so that even today the main rival of Marina di Ravenna in the area is Milano Marittima.

Travelers arriving at Marina di Ravenna travel along Via delle Nazioni. The waterfront is full of beach establishments that can accommodate even the largest masses in times of greatest demand. There are many things to see and Piazza Dora Markus can be an interesting starting point for taking a walk.

Signs of the small fishing village are still visible. One of the most highly recommended walks is from the seafront to the lighthouse. As you move away from the coast, you pass by old trabucchi (still perfectly working) that catch fish as the sun sets over the horizon.

Not far from the promenade, there is also a spa with thermal baths that will delight visitors now that the temperatures are starting to fall. The marine spas are a way to go to the sea even during the autumn. Between spas, snacks, and warmth, you can regenerate after an intense week of work.

But the opportunities to spend a weekend or even a whole day in Marina di Ravenna do not end here. There are many places that overlook the coast and offer aperitifs on the beach where you can sip a spritz while your feet sink gently into the sand.

One of the most beautiful events held in Marina di Ravenna is undoubtedly the musical festival Beaches Brew, held every year during the summer. Listening to a concert of contemporary music on the beach is something that does not happen every day. If you missed it, our advice is to mark the date on the calendar for next year: you won't regret it.

What would a trip to Emilia-Romagna be without a traditional piadina? Fortunately on the seafront, in addition to seafood restaurants, there are small kiosks that prepare perfect piadinas with the best local products. While waiting to decide where to go, there is nothing better than biting into a piadina to give you some inspiration...
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