Lake Iseo’s hidden gem

Why Marone

Marone is a small village facing Iseo Lake in Brescia and is equally located between hills and suggestive landscapes overlooking the water. Marone is definitely worth exploring slowly and leisurely.

Here lies a place which is both unique and magical, where the unity of lake and mountain provide a fusion of colours and reflections. A synergy of water, land and sky are nestled within a paradise of flowers and animals which all live in harmony together with local traditions, which run deep, to offer gastronomic products to die for.

Your tailor-made holiday

The lake will attract avid nature lovers, who will be rewarded with strong emotions and amazement thanks to the natural beauties that abound, complete with aromas, colours and much more. This little Paradise will compensate holidaymakers searching for wellness, whilst the locals are always on hand to ensure that a smile and assistance are forthcoming towards tourists.

Maybe you feel the need to relax without letting go of your laptop? How about a terrace overlooking the lake to offer you the peace and harmony you need to get motivated. This is a place far away from your hectic and average lifestyle, which has preserved the scenic lakeside images many people could only dream about before now. Marone appeals to sensitive people who yearn beauty and solitude, inner peace and spending quality time with their family.

An emotion for every taste

Imagine a place with many gems to be discovered – a romantic stroll along the banks of the lake where you cannot miss the sprawling splendor of the Cathedral of Saint Martin the Bishop or the picturesque village of Vello, which is renowned for its cycling trails. If you feel active enough you can even try out the “Ancient Coastal Road”, a path which snakes through the lake’s perimeter and overlooks Sebino.

Amongst the many sports activities you may practice on Lake Iseo, sailing is probably the most popular with European, World and Olympic champions having learnt their trade at the many schools along the banks. Courtesy of the constant winds which blow over the waters, windsurfing enthusiasts can sink their teeth into the sport and take the step into the next level!

A short boat trip will allow you to reach Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe, as well as the islands of St Paul and Loreto, two pearls which emerge from the pristine waters of the lake.

Every season has its activities

Whether for a holiday or simply to escape from the crowded city life, Marone is perfect for you. Between Spring and Autumn, the mild climate around the lake allows for open-air excursions in search of hidden wonders of small villages perched around the lakeside.

In nice weather many cyclists take to reaching the town streets, which meander along the Lake Iseo coast. Here you can enjoy a sweet breeze and gentle sunshine whilst admiring the suggestive panorama, including yachts and other boats, which intertwine with each other and navigate the waves.

Enjoy a ferry ride to witness the breathtaking views and hidden wonders which the lake enviously reveals. During any time of the year a holiday at Iseo provides you with the opportunity to admire some of the loveliest natural pearls in all of Italy, taste local natural products and merge with unspoiled nature. What else could you ask for?

Spend an incredible holiday in Marone and find your tailor-made accommodation!

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