Naples seen from above

With the arrival of spring, you’ll surely want to go for a walk and let your gaze go towards the horizon. Especially on beautiful days in March and April when the sun is going down later and latere. One of the best ways to greet the arrival of spring is to organize a nice trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy that is an an ever growing destination for tourists and people from all over the world. It is a unique city for its colors, flavors, and scents that are a way of life. You certainly understood it: we are talking about Naples, the capital of the Campania region and one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s an excellent starting point for organizing a trip out of town to discover the elevated places from which to observe the city.

The city of Naples as seen from above is celebrated in a song by one of the most famous songwriters of the Neapolitan city, Pino Daniele, who died prematurely in 2014. The singer said that from San Martino it was possible see the whole city in one of his most famous songs. And he was right. Here are some suggestions for the most beautiful scenic spots in the city. San Martino is first and foremost a famous square located in front of the even more famous Certosa di Napoli in Vomero, one of the most recognizable hills in the whole city. Here there are benches and low walls from which you can observe Via Spaccanapoli, the historic city center in its entirety, and even the bell tower of Santa Chiara. If the view from this position is not enough, then it is necessary to climb up to Castel Sant’Elmo from which you can see the promenade going up towards Vesuvius.

Continuing over the Vomero hills, halfway from the Chiaia Riviera, you’ll find Via Falcone from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama over the entire Gulf of Naples. In fact, from this position it is possible to admire the whole landscape up to Mergellina. Even in this case, the best idea is a walk along the wall, under the trees and in the shadow of the beautiful villas along this road. For those who decide to take this walk, you can arrive at Largo Madre Teresa di Calcutta where you can admire the panorama, with an even wider view that will leave you breathless.

You cannot say that you’ve been to Naples without stopping in one of the most suggestive places in the whole city: the Posillipo neighborhood, whose reputation is well known throughout Italy and in the rest of the world. In this case, the panoramic location is the famous terrace of Sant’Antonio which is next to the homonymous church. To get there, just take the ramps that connect the neighborhood to Mergellina and once you get to the top, while you catch your breath, you can wait for the sunset at one of the most suggestive views throughout the city. After all, Posillipo is one of the most famous hilly residential neighborhoods in the city, whose name derives from a Greek word whose meaning is related to a vision capable of stopping pain. A play on words to underline the calming effect that such a panorama has on its visitor.

But let’s go on because there are many more places to see. For example, Parco della Rimembranza, also known by Parco Virgiliano. Located 150 m above sea level, it is not far from the aforementioned district of Posillipo and offers a priceless view not only of the Gulf but also of the three islands of the archipelago. An excellent idea is to combine a walk in an extremely panoramic place with a relaxing stop in a beautiful park, one of the green areas most loved by the citizens of Naples. It was first opened in 1931 and redeveloped in 1997, with a series of renovations that kept it closed until 2002. Parco Virgliano is often identified as a literary park, in memory of what was once the grand tour for 18th Century writers, who came to Italy to be conquered by the great views of the beautiful country.

If we want to reach the highest point in the city, you must go to another park, just as famous as the Parco Virgiliano we mentioned a little while ago. The Camaldoli park which is also famous for being the largest urban park in all of Italy, with approximately 135 hectares, all to be explored. The height of the park is 485 m above sea level and, by far, this represents the most impressive panoramic point in all of Naples. From here you can see the ever-present Vesuvius, the entire promenade, the historic city center, Pozzuoli, and even the Phlegraean fields in the distance. On clearer days, when the mist decides to retreat, your gaze can reach the mountains of Lazio for a truly incredible panorama, which is absolutely worth a visit.

A nice thing about organizing a panoramic walk in Naples is also the fact that once you have descended to sea level, there is always the opportunity to refresh yourself with some of the best traditional Neapolitan products. Just imagine after a good walk on top of the Neapolitan hills, how good a freshly baked pizza will look.
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