Organizing your home with KonMari, Feng Shui and some philosophy

If you are reading this article, you’re probably already aware of the situation. We’re all at home, facing the Coronavirus with great responsibility that is raging in Italy and in most of Europe. Quarantine imposed a major change on our lives and forced us to rework our days inside our homes. Newspapers are full of articles on the trend of contagion, on the forecast of the peaks, and on the strict ordinances which in the last weeks have taken a fundamental and prominent role on our social networks. We at Halldis have decided to keep you company with a series of articles on the home: the place that most of all, in this particular historical moment, is our little part of the world at least until further notice.

Spring is almost upon us. If there is one thing that we have always experienced with the arrival of nice weather is spring cleaning. A key moment, in the long course of the year, when you put your heaviest clothes back in the closet, without regretting the fact that you won’t see them for a while. The other part of the spring cleaning instead lies in the healthy and highly recommended practice of getting rid of the non-essential, to make room for new things. For this reason it is good to free up some space, even mental, in advance. Getting rid of the inessential is also one of the concepts underlying oriental philosophies that show us the way forward to make our home more comfortable.

Many of our apartments keep such concepts in mind. Elegance and brightness give our clients an experience of absolute relaxation, in addition to staying overnight in exclusive areas of the city. For example in Milan, where it is possible to stay in the center in what was once an old carpentry shop. The Morigi apartment is a sight for the eyes and the soul. Its windows guarantee natural lighting that will leave you speechless.

Surely in the past few years, you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, who published her first book dedicated to the method of rearranging things. The method she devised is in fact called KonMari and consists in rearranging one’s home by separating objects according to specific categories; especially the final sorting, when it comes to deciding whether to throw an object away forever or to keep it indefinitely with us, is based on the object’s ability to speak to us, even after years.

To make a long story short: if junk we have at home still evokes some emotion, it is a good idea to keep it. Otherwise, no regrets. Let’s get rid of it as soon as possible. Marie Kondo, with her book, has become so popular that Netflix also decided to make a series to guide people through the KonMari method. You might want to consider some quality time on the sofa, in the next few days that are a little different.

The same goes for one of our most beautiful apartments in one of the most exclusive central areas of the entire Lombard capital. We are talking about the apartment located on Corso Garibaldi, on the 4th floor of an elegant building on the outskirts of Brera. An area in central Milan known for its nightlife, with a rich choice of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Thanks to the presence of the internal courtyard, silence is guaranteed for all guests, a fundamental part of many oriental philosophies that are also applied to the furnishings.

A philosophy very similar to that of Marie Kondo, already known for many years before the arrival of KonMari, is that of Feng Shui which over the years has collected a long series of proselytes around the world. What does Feng Shui consist of? First of all, the term itself means “wind and water,” with specific reference to 2 of the natural elements that make our Planet the blue sphere full of life that we all know and love.

Furnishing your home or rearranging the furniture that is already present according to the art of Feng Shui means preferring wood as a natural element, avoiding metal so as not to create magnetic fields, and above all guaranteeing light without obstacles from the outside. Great attention is also paid to the balcony, which must present a number of plants arranged in such a way as to create a real green area, able to communicate values such as luxuriance, well-being, and hope every time we observe them.

Nothing prevents us from using our imagination while we wait for tomorrow to bring us some better news, full of hope for the future. From what you see on social media such as improvised concerts on balconies, you can always find a way to stay in a good mood. We’re looking forward to the next article to continue keeping you company.

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