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Why Perarolo di Cadore

You have decided to opt for the mountains for your next holiday. Only one doubt clouds your judgement – you do not want any peak but a new destination, full of attractions and one of a kind experiences.

Don’t ask yourself where but simply when you will reach the skiers paradise, the preferred venue for excursions and the ultimate gourmet adventures.

You are in Perarolo di Cadore, welcome.

Your tailor-made holiday

Perarolo di Cadore, a suitable destination for both young and old. Have you decided to plan a vacation in the mountains and are unsure which destination would be just right for your children and husband? The Cadore region offers you with the opportunity to embrace a plethora of emotions, to taste the culinary delights of the area and to allow your young ones to learn many new sports, as well as gifting your partner with a relaxing holiday in the Alpine Pearls.

An unforgettable holiday cannot be complete without a hearty and delicious cuisine, especially for those who love eating. The culinary delights of Cadore include pastin, which is normally eaten with polenta, casunziei, very tasty ravioli and pendole, strips of smoked meat. After tasting the renowned canederli, a swig of the traditional Pedavena beer combines to perfection. A simple inn or a flashy restaurant? The choice is yours to make.

An emotion for every taste

If there is one place where ski enthusiasts can have it all, then this is Cadore. There is no limit, level of difficulty or sports activity which you will not find in these amazing skiing ranges. From the well-known Cortina d’Ampezzo to the wonderful Auronzo di Cadore, right up to the untouched Sappada, there are vast kilometers of track for all tastes – cross country, downhill, Alpine skiing and snowboarding.

For those of you who believe that “the Dolomite stages of the Giro d’Italia are simply the best”. For those of you who think that “normal slopes are not inviting”. For those who thrive on competition and hope to “see you at the finish line”. Cycling is king at Perarolo di Cadore. Challenge your limits with a time trial on the Nevegal or cycle along the Lunga Via of the Dolomites. Just remember – no uphill slope will take your breath away as much as the gorgeous landscapes you will meet along the way.

If you want a break from your skiing activities or strolls in the forest, Cadore offers you the possibility to taste your way through great surprises, itineraries combining nature and tradition, like the “Road of Cheeses and the Flavours of the Dolomites” (literally Strada dei Formaggi e dei Sapori). Created in 2006, this route is a continuous crossroads of dairy farms, huts, cottages and agro tourism. It is here where famous flavours come to light, such as the Piave Dop., Schiz, Tosella, the Bellunese Honey Dop or the Lamon Bean, just to mention a few.

Discover the best of local cuisine whilst savouring typical products throughout the seasons.

Every season has its activities

Summer in Perarolo is relaxing and pleasant – go for a bicycle ride along the mountain paths, admiring the beautiful nature which this place has to offer. You will be amazed with the abundance of colour and aromas of this untouched natural land.

Find the best time of the year to visit. In Spring you can make all your wishes come true with the numerous tracks available for mountain bike, cliffs for free climbing and even a small lake (Santa Croce) to enjoy fishing or windsurfing. The beauty of mountain sports is not exclusive to older members of the family but is also ideal for young children. Perarolo di Cadore is suitable and child-friendly in both Summer and Winter as it incorporates simple skiing slopes and ice skating structures.

In Summer you can focus your energy on mountain biking, trekking and the Botanical Garden of the Eastern Alps. What are you waiting for – Cadore awaits you with open arms!

Spend an incredible holiday in Perarolo di Cadore and find your tailor-made accommodation.