Roman Osterias and Trattorias: tips for eating well in the Eternal City

By Francesca Maira

Carbonara, cacio e pepe, abbacchio alla cacciatora… When thinking of Rome, we are sure that food is one the first things that comes to mind. The Colosseum is beautiful, as well as Villa Borghese, but... there is nothing more satisfying than eating a nice big plate of rigatoni alla gricia.
If you are planning to go to Rome in the next few days or you just want to make your mouth water a little bit, here are some suggestions on where you can taste traditional Roman dishes:

Osteria Ragno d'Oro
Via Silla (Prati area)
This is one of the best Osterias for traditional Roman cuisine. Here you will find the warmth of a cordial and family atmosphere. Osteria Ragno d’Oro’s offering ranges between both seafood and meat without neglecting the quality and freshness of the ingredients. There are excellent first and second courses, and you should try the desserts too which are prepared in house by the chef.
The only drawback: the parking lot. A good alternative can be the metro A, which is only a 2 minute walk away (Ottaviano stop).


Via di S. Croce in Gerusalemme (Esquilino area)
Defined by many as one of the best seafood restaurants in the Capitoline city, Ristorante Ottavio enhances the flavors of Mediterranean culture with a personal touch in a spacious but at the same time collected environment. The seafood tartares are the pride and joy of this restaurant, which uses simple and refined ingredients of the highest quality. There is also an excellent wine list, which boasts more than 250 proposals among the most important producers.
Your bill at the end of the meal may be a bit high, but it is in line with the quality of the raw materials. In any case, once in a while treating yourself to a luxurious meal is good for the soul.



Antica Schiacciata Romana 
Via Folco Portinari (Gianicolense area)
This option is a pinseria, a term that derives from the ancient Latin word “pinsere” which means to stretch and/or crush. The pinsa is in fact a sort of traditional Roman pizza, which is different from the traditional one for its taste, its very high digestibility, and its dough, which is fragrant and free of animal and vegetable fats (with the exception of a small amount of extra virgin olive oil).
The Antica Schiacciata Romana offers not only a wide selection of toppings with the most varied ingredients, but also some good fried options and highly appreciated desserts, all in a well-kept and always pleasantly crowded place.


I Monticiani 
Via Panisperna (Rione Monti)
With the atmosphere of an old Roman osteria, I Monticiani, in the Monti district offers traditional Roman cuisine (carbonara is one of the most appreciated dishes here) as well as that of Argentina, with fine cuts of meat and traditional specialties.
The staff is friendly and the location is simple but very characteristic. We recommend this option for a dinner with friends as it has an excellent price to quality ratio.



Ristorante Il Tirso 
Via Salaria (Salario quarter)
At Ristorante Il Tirso, you will find seafood specialties and tartares on a seasonal basis which are the strong point of this restaurant located just outside the chaos of the city in a refined and elegant location. It is also an ideal solution for banquets and group dinners. Il Tirso offers à la carte menus, which vary depending on the availability of seasonal products, and menus designed ad hoc to accompany guests on a journey to rediscover the traditional flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, revisited in creative way.


Lo Scopettaro 
Lungotevere Testaccio (Rione Testaccio)
A classic Roman trattoria focused on tradition, Lo Scopettaro has has been open for over 80 years. In 1930, what had been a broom factory, in fact, became one of the most important landmarks for traditional Roman cuisine.
The menu includes all traditional dishes, from tonnarelli cacio e pepe to saltimbocca, without forgetting dishes such as chicory and the Roman artichoke. A special mention goes to desserts which are entirely made in house.



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