The mystique of the Dolomites

Perarolo di Cadore: the mystique of skiing in the Dolomites

Immersed in a magical countryside, Perarolo di Cadore is an ideal place for a holiday away from the stress of frenetic city life. In the enchanted land of Cadore it is possible to rediscover uncontaminated nature, to be pleasantly surrounded by the majesty of the Dolomite mountains, which have been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009 for their unequalled charm.

If you love skiing, Perarolo di Cadore is the right destination to have the experience of your dreams and practice your favourite sport in a breath-taking setting that, without a doubt, will excite you and give you a unique feeling of freedom.

For ski fans, in Cadore every wish is made into a reality. With a ski area made of a grouping of municipalities – San Vito di Cadore, Auronzo, Misurina and Cortina D’Ampezzo – skiers of all skill levels can enjoy a good 140 kilometres of trails, accessible with one single ski pass.

In the nearby town of Auronzo di Cadore, where you can be on the slopes with a quick trip on a ski bus, ski lovers can find relatively easy trails or ones suitable for the most fearless snowboarders and experts in Alpine skiing. Framed by the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks of Lavaredo), you will have an embarrassment of choices and can venture up Monte Agudo, where you will be fascinated by the trails that, with elevation changes, jumps and dips, circle the lake.

The Palus San Marco area, in the splendid Somadida reserve, among the spruces, beech trees and conifers covered in snow, is the place to enjoy a lovely run of cross-country skiing, admiring an enchanted countryside. During the excursion, let yourself be surprised by deer, look for brown bears in the distance or admire some of the special plants – the lady’s slipper, the Turk’s cap lily or the Alpine clematis.

The small city of Misurina, on the other hand, offers trails of many difficulties, letting everyone find a way to enjoy winter sports. Imagine the thrill of skiing through forests, darting among the trees until you get to the Misurina pond, where loops have been created for cross-country skiing.

In little more than a half an hour by car, you can be in the wonderful Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites, defined as “the most beautiful place in the world” by great artists like Hemingway. Cortina, with a total of 115 kilometres of trails of all types and levels of difficulty, is without a doubt paradise for lovers of snow sports.

Besides the classic Alpine skiing, if you are a top athlete, a fan of Nordic skiing, Cortina devotes more technical trails for you to satisfy your every wish, while you will be watched by curious chamois and roes.

For those who may be after more excitement, the Cortina Snowpark is the place for you, reserved for freestyle, and so for more daring sports enthusiasts for whom, between jumps and acrobatics with a snowboard, fun is assured. What’s more, with a snow kite, you can enjoy the magnificent countryside, flying along on skis or your board, hanging from a kite.

Are you travelling with children? The fabled village of Sappada is right for you. Here you will find not only spectacular ski trails but Nevelandia as well, an amusement park where, while your kids enjoy themselves in Sappy Park, you can do the same on inflatables, sleds and bobsleighs.

The look on your little one’s face at seeing the snow will be a memory you will carry forever in your heart. If it is the first time in the mountains for them, their fun in the white snowflakes is assured. While the kids enjoy the park activities, mama and papa can relax in a restaurant.

After a day of skiing, you can devote yourself to relaxation in a chalet, or in any of the other refuges close by. For the small family members who want to learn more advanced sports, the Cadore offers spaces equipped with baby ski lifts and a team of more than 50 teachers to encourage the children in their first experiences in the snow. In the small town near Perarolo, San Vito di Cadore, the “NeveSole” park allows learning to ski but also having fun with inflatables, bobsleighs and sleds. The excitement of Cadore is the order of the day, like trying an experience on a sled pulled by Siberian Huskies, thanks to the Athabaska Sled Dog centre of San Vito.

Perarolo di Cadore
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