The most beautiful shores of Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is confirmed as one of the most fascinating locations in all of northern Italy and a true gem in the Lombardy region. Located 180 meters above sea level and wedged between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, it has an area of about 65 square kilometers.

It houses the largest lake island in Europe: Monte Isola, which leapt to the headlines thanks to the “Floating Piers” installation created by the artist Christo, who for a short period during the summer season a few years ago connected the island to the mainland via an ingenious system of floating platforms.

Photo by Marcio De Assis

A holiday on Lake Iseo is the perfect way to spend some relaxing time away from the chaos of the big city. Suffice it to say that Iseo is less than an hour’s drive from Milan and the entire perimeter of the lake is dotted with fantastic beaches where you can rest and enjoy some sun while being caressed by the lake breeze.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the best beach, in the midst of the many beach establishments that overlook the shore. For this reason we have created the following list of the most beautiful shores on Lake Iseo that extend from Sarnico to Sulzano, without forgetting Torbiere del Sebino and Sale Marasino.

Lido Nettuno - Sarnico

Starting from Residence Nettuno you meet its namesake beach, recognizable thanks to the jetty in the shape of a snake where you can sunbathe and dive. Lido Nettuno is one of the most loved beach establishments by tourists, who often choose it for some relaxing time by the lake.

At the beach you can find sports fields and you can also rent canoes. There is also a small and well-stocked bar where you can have lunch and stop at sunset to enjoy a spectacular aperitif by the lake.

La Spiaggetta - Iseo

Anyone passing through Iseo cannot refrain from a visit to the famous beach, whose extension of about 2000 square meters was redeveloped a few years ago. Today it presents itself to tourists as a green, eco-friendly place without architectural barriers and is equipped with a special path for the visually impaired.

Small but quiet, it is suitable for families and anyone who wants to relax with a cocktail in hand, just a few steps from the lake’s waters and under the sun’s rays. The bar is also excellent, convenient to reach, and well-stocked.

Lago azzurro - Torbiere del Sebino

This stretch of water, unlike all the others in Torbiere del Sebino, is not connected to Lake Iseo. It has its own water and is characterized by a clay bottom from which its famous sediment is obtained. These factors contribute to making the water a clear, marine blue color that will leave you speechless.

Torbiere del Sebino also represents one of the most interesting protected natural parks in the whole area, for a real immersion in nature not far from Milan.

Alle Palafitte - Sulzano

Iseo Lake, Italy. Halldis Vacation rentals

Just 50 meters from the residence in Sulzano, there is a small beach called Alle Palafitte due to the presence of a structure built on stilts on the lake. Long and narrow, it is perfect for enjoying the lake without tourists, as there are no bars or beach establishments.

In the past, the stilt houses were the first restaurant overlooking the lake, then turned into discopubs, and finally used by Christo as a headquarters for the work on the aforementioned Floating Piers, where works by Wolfgang Woltz, the artist’s trusted photographer, were exhibited. Today the structures are still the center of a debate on how to revive them.

Lido La Perla - Sale Marasino

Photo by Gregorini Demetrio

Created for tourists, there is a large open space on Lake Iseo. Beach volleyball courts and kiosks make this beach establishment especially crowded on weekends. There are features such as showers, changing rooms, and just a few meters from the water there is a pebble beach where you can seek refuge from the high summer temperatures.

At Lido La Perla the water gradually drops and this conformation makes it particularly suitable also for groups of families with children. A stop on Lake Iseo in Sale Marasino will make you forget about the sea for days to come.


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