Time for a Spritz in Rome

By Francesca Maira

As we all know, Milan is the Italian city for aperitifs par excellence, with its countless little cafés where, at a price that generally ranges from €5 - €10, you can sip on a drink while enjoying a generous amount of food.

However, in recent years in Rome, the happy hour fashion has hit the streets with an increasing number of proposals that can satisfy any budget (and palate).

Despite the ever increasing quantity of cafés and aperitif bars, we recommend that you take a single precaution to ensure that you can properly enjoy your aperitif and dive in on the buffet: always reserve a table.

Here are our suggestions:

Via Leonina (Monti area)
Excellent cocktails and a lounge area with sofas are the strengths of Analemma, run by a young and friendly staff. The bar also has a foosball table, in case between runs to the buffet you want to challenge your friends to a game.

Via Flaminia (Valle Giulia/Flaminio area)
The TreeBar is a renovated kiosk in a public garden along Via Flaminia, just a stone’s throw away from Maxxi and Auditorium. The TreeBar offers craft beers and cocktails at the bar, seasonal dishes, and aperitifs. During the summer, on Mondays, there is a “We Like Monday” aperitif with a rich buffet and music on vinyl.

COHO Apartment
Via degli Avignonesi (Barberini area)
This duplex apartment in the heart of Rome, just a stone’s throw from Piazza Barberini, which together with COHO Loft and Cohouse is part of the COHO maison.
This is the perfect location to start the evening but also to continue late into the night. They offer a wide range of aperitifs with views of Via del Tritone, great sushi, or gourmet pizza. You can even shoot some pool, see a concert, or listen to a cool DJ set.
Midweek, admission is free from 7 pm, while during the weekends the price varies according to individual events.

Voodoo Bar
Via delle Terme di Traiano (Colle Oppio area)
Bar, restaurant, but above all meeting place, the Voodoo Bar is an eclectic place where you can experiment. Extracted from a part of Colle Oppio (2000 sq. mt.), it is divided into 4 areas (terrace, maze, central bar, and veranda) all with a tribal theme, where you can sip on a cocktail, get a massage, meditate, and attend a live show. And from 23:00 onwards, there is also a DJ set.
Inside you can also find the Tropical Restaurant and a sushi bar, as well as street food kiosks for the less demanding.

Momart Cafè
Viale XXI Aprile (Piazza Bologna/Nomentana area)
Famous as a meeting point for students, Momart is a place with a strong identity where you can feel great ideas in motion and and the hang out with cool people. It offers a fast and friendly service with a vast aperitif buffet, lunch, and brunch (Sundays and holidays only).

La Zanzara bistrot
Via Crescenzio (zona Prati)
Si definiscono "pungenti, irriverenti e pronti a stuzzicare i palati più curiosi ed esigenti": questo bistrot all’italiana di respiro internazionale offre una formula All Day Long, proponendo non solo l'aperitivo e la cena, ma anche la colazione e il pranzo, e persino il "dopo teatro". Ottimi cocktail e ampia offerta gastronomica sono solo alcuni dei punti di forza de La Zanzara, che propone anche una notevole scelta di birre artigianali. Unica nota: non è possibile prenotare in orario aperitivo.

Il Sorpasso
Via Properzio (Prati area)
A short walk away from the La Zanzara bistro is Il Sorpasso, a wine bar with a cuisine that uses a small direct production but also local artisans, so you can count on fresh, local products.
The very appreciated aperitif offers a wide selection of wines, cheeses, and cold cuts in a great location. For obvious reasons, it is always very crowded.


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