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Why Trieste

A venue for the insatiable and adventurous travellers seeking authentic and varied experiences, Trieste envelops seduction and passion. At first sight you will yearn to stay longer and after a while you will want to live here forever.

Trieste can simply be referred to as your second home.

Your tailor-made holiday

If you are a picky chooser, not every place will satisfy your desires for novelty and discovery. One place, in particular, springs to mind, where traditions, entertainment and captivating scenery magically combine. A flurry of hidden beaches, castles, picturesque views overlooking the Adriatic and the largest square in the world – welcome to Trieste.

Maybe you just need some peace and rest. Or you look forward to revealing the charm of a place offering pure air and populated by a wide assortment of animals to your children. Whatever your wishes, Val Rosandra is ready to grant them – limestone cliffs, forests, chestnut groves, moorland, stalactites and stalagmites and even a spectacular 30m waterfall.

An emotion for every taste

In Trieste wind is the strongest element. But it never seems to be enough. For all sports enthusiasts the word of order is – sailing. Trieste is the Mediterranean capital for sailing, with activities suitable even for beginners looking to indulge in a new adventure. Don’t miss out on Barcolana, the event boasting international status.

The most fashionable sport in Trieste at the moment is canoeing. History and tradition run deep between Muggia and Grignano, where many schools offer newcomers the possibility to learn or try their hand at the sport. Even experts have their hands full with plenty of Barcarola in the lagoon of San Giusto.

Amongst the many exploratory routes which the area offers, one of the nicest places to visit is Canovella de’ Zoppoli and its cozy small harbor. This place can only be reached by means of a panoramic pathway, which in the past used to host Karst fishermen casting their fishing nets, or by boat. One route which will reward you with stunning views can be found in the Nature Reserve of Liburnia, a coastal stretch which bears similarity to many areas within Southern Apulia and as rugged as Greece itself.

The sea is equivalent to an institution for the inhabitants of Trieste and is entwined in their lifestyle, irrespective of the time of year. But this is only part of the equation. The plethora of hidden beaches, some of which are very difficult to reach, gives another dimension to swimmers, with an element of awe, even for those who have visited the Trieste coast many times before. Elegance, tradition and adventure await you in Trieste.

Every season has its activities

There is always a good reason to visit Trieste, no matter what time of the year it is. The charm of Spring will accompany your visit with a kaleidoscope of colours and aromas whilst Winter can whet your culinary appetite.

When the severe Bora wind shows its powerful strength, you can seek refuge in a local restaurant and allow yourself to be pampered with delicacies and a nice glass of wine. Some popular abodes to savour are Stella Polare Café, Bar Torinese and the brightly-lit Specchi Café.

Coffee in Trieste is an institution, a lifestyle, an irresistible pleasure which has become cult, occasion to organize meetings of artists and young people. Simply unmistakable.

And if coffee isn’t able to warm you, don’t worry your heart will be filled with heat on a night out in Trieste. Take a walk in the moonlight in one of the most beautiful towns of Northern Italy!

Spend an incredible holiday in Trieste and find your tailor-made accommodation!

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