Milan's Vertical Forest, the world’s most beautiful skyscraper

by Jacopo Cazzaniga


The Vertical Forest (Bosco Verticale) has a beautiful story. It is just as beautiful as the reason that inspired its creator, Architect Stefano Boeri, to build on the edge of the Isola di Milano neighborhood two residential buildings, 111 and 76 meters respectively, housing more than 2000 trees, i.e., the same number of trees planted in a 7000-meter park.

The Vertical Forest project is part of the ambitious and complex revitalization of the Porta Nuova district, which began in 2004 and took a decade to complete. The results are today for all to see, including local residents and tourists. Milan has changed its appearance and is now developed in height. The Milan Management Center (Centro Direzionale di Milano), home to a variety of service sector providers, comprises new spaces and skyscrapers which have redefined the skyline of Italy’s first and largest metropolis.


The construction of the Vertical Forest began in 2009, engaging more than 6000 laborers who, for five years, worked on the construction of one of Milan’s most impressive symbols. The building’s living facade incorporates more than 90 species of plants enveloping the structure and, by extension, providing a valuable contribution to microclimate mitigation.

The architectural firm headed by Stefano Boeri was inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built by Nebuchadnezzar in 590 B.C., and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s more recent creations, unique buildings cloaked in trees and other botanical species, among which are holm oaks, arbutus, wild pears and hawthorns, collectively representing the virtues of biodiversity.


The two Vertical Forest skyscrapers are home to nearly 1000 large trees, while flowering plants are in excess of 10,000. It is more than just a matter of aesthetics, since vegetation gives its contribution to improving quality of life for those who live and are around this impressive vegetation.

Plants arranged on the building’s four facades fulfill, indeed, important ecological functions: filter out fine particles, generate moisture and help mitigate noise pollution. And like any other tree species on this planet, they also clean air by releasing oxygen to it. The Vertical Forest project represents a new architectural paradigm which uniquely leverages the environment and the urban setting.

Furthermore, the trees that envelope the building’s facade have been carefully chosen to provide chromatic harmony. While some areas feature evergreen species, other skyscraper facades change color with every season. The Vertical Forest follows nature’s rhythms and changes color with every season.


Since its inauguration, on October 17, 2014, the Vertical Forest has been receiving countless international prizes and awards. In 2014, the skyscraper was awarded the International Highrise Award, which every two years bestows recognition to the world’s most beautiful skyscraper. In this context, the Vertical Forest has managed to stand out among 800 high-rise buildings across the planet. This recognition reflects the intents to reward a balanced structure, in which modern technology coexists with the need to create a human-scale ecosystem.

In addition, in 2015, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recognized the Vertical Forest as the most innovative skyscraper, for the reasons mentioned above. What is most striking about Stefano Boeri’s creation is the ability to rethink green for unlikely heights, and conceive architecture as a contribution to the community it serves – concepts that inspired a project completed in Shijiazhuang, in the PRC.


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The apartments are only a few minutes from the city center, with easy access via the nearby Porta Garibaldi and Isola metro stations. Vertical Forest is the starting point of your Milan vacation and promises to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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