Weekend in Venice

If there is a place on this planet where reality meets fantasy, it is surely Venice. Venice is an unreal city that floats on the waters of the lagoon and seems to come from a dream. There is a reason why every year, from the four corners of the world, there are floods of tourists who want to see one of the greatest shows in the world. And we’re not exaggerating.

Even a simple weekend in Venice is destined to leave an indelible mark on the memories that we will take with us for a lifetime. Furthermore, getting to the lagoon city is very simple thanks to the various and different possibilities available to us. There are those who choose to arrive by train, specifically with a high-speed train that connects Milan with Venice. In this case, the good news is that thanks to the railway line it is possible to arrive directly in the lagoon at the scenic Venice Santa Lucia station.

For those who prefer to come by car, there are various possibilities for parking. You can decide to leave the car in one of the many parking lots before the Ponte delle Libertà, which are worth noting for the economic rates and the great reliability. The nearest car park to the city is a short distance from Piazzale Roma, near the bus stops. The convenience of arriving by car directly in the lagoon however will cost you more than the lower rates in the parking lots outside the city.

There are many different areas in which to stay and for this reason, you should keep in mind how you’ll want to get around to visit the other areas of the city. The Giudecca, for example, remains detached from the main body of the city, but imposes the vaporetto as the only means of transportation to reach the key areas of the center. An apartment in a sestiere like Cannaregio instead allows you to take advantage of an atmosphere that is still perfectly Venetian, not too frequented by tourists, and represents a useful starting point for walking to the historic city center and the main attractions.

In Venice it is important to be able to navigate the areas of interest without being overwhelmed by the many tourists. First of all, it is good to choose also different times of day. During the day, most of the city is invaded by tourists and travelers. Nothing prevents us from making a leap to Piazza San Marco, going up to the Rialto Bridge, taking a photograph at the Bridge of Sighs and watching the water buses plying the green waters of the Grand Canal, but it is good to know that the charm of Venice speaks a universal language, able to break the hearts of every international traveler.

In the evening, Venice is different. It is shown to temporary citizens as a true Gothic city in which every corner, every street and small canal exudes an invaluable atmosphere. Without the comings and goings of tourists, with the favor of darkness (and silence) you can think of taking evening walks in the places already mentioned. Because it is one thing to see San Marco in the early hours of the afternoon, crowded with people, another is to see it again with only the sound of water cradling the sleepless nights, illuminated by artificial light. Take it as an Upside Down in the Stranger Things. At night the lagoon changes its face, and it is a real sight to see, far from prying eyes, immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere.


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