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What do our clients want? To answer this question, you have to get to know them. Learn about what they do, what they dream of and what they desire. Guest Experience is our new project at Halldis. We get to know what our clients’ needs are in advance, so we can personalise their stay. Think of it as a love story: a bolt of lightning on that first meeting between Halldis and the client; an encounter occurs that can reinstate something special to both our lives.

For the Halldis Guest Experience project, we recruited highly experienced sales staff to deliver to our clients an experience that meets their personal expectations as closely as possible. Each one of these selected staff members manages a Personal Account, with the task of following the client from their booking right through the actual stay, up until departure.

Call them your guardian angel, if you like. Each one of our Personal Account managers is ready to welcome you with open arms and – to extend the metaphor – to leave you gob-smacked with suggestions and surprises that will brighten up your holiday, making it unforgettable. From your daughter’s birthday cake to a personal chef in charge of a meal between friends, through to organised excursions and recommendations about what not to miss in the area you are staying.


Thanks to the Guest Experience project, Halldis marshals a highly proficient team that can respond to the queries of customers from all over the world, and in four languages. Right from the day of its launch, hundreds of bookings have been followed to the great satisfaction of our customers. The purpose of the project, as defined by Erika Forin, is to take the client by the hand and to follow them from their airport arrival to the time they decide to leave the apartment, always enabling them to experience the best that their journey is capable of offering.

Underlying the Guest Experience project is a predictive system whose refinement is drawn from the pool of experience that has been driving this business for more than thirty years. Its objective is to anticipate customers’ wishes, optimising in-house logistic resources and anything to do with food. By choosing Halldis, you free yourself of every worry, knowing that, once you are at your destination, you will want for nothing. And at your angel’s side, with offers of suggestions and solutions, is a competent and courteous team ready to glide to their service.


Guest Experience is the new project by which Halldis, a leading player in the field of serviced apartments, will place the customer at its centre. Guest Experience is the title of a vision that permeates Halldis from top to bottom. It aims to meet the challenge of reorienting the warm welcome in a modern direction, building on customer feedback to create a tailor-made world, in which customers will always feel at home, wherever they are.

In the words of the famous architect Ugo La Pietra: “to live in a place is to be at home everywhere”. There is a difference between the ideas of staying somewhere and living there. To stay conveys the notion of a temporary stopover at a place that is not your place of abode, where you exist as a visitor. Living somewhere, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

The idea of living brings in notions of your familiar life, because a home is a private place where you are able to carry out your habitual actions. A person at home is a person who lives a place: not just as a guest, but as master of that environment. After all, habit comes from the idea of habitat. And so just like a tailor, Halldis offers its clients a bespoke experience, one that is guided by their interests and desires.


A final objective of the Guest Experience project is to transform our customers’ experiences into stories to tell, stories that may be useful and interesting to those who come later. Our idea is to safeguard priceless treasures, composed of moments, encounters, expressions and vistas that could otherwise risk being lost forever. Thanks to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, today we can tell those stories and pass on the very same wonderful experiences lived by our customers in our apartments.

Today we have launched a new regular feature on Discover – with the same title as our project – dedicated to our clients’ cherished stories. We will regularly update it with reviews, evaluations or simple comments from those who have chosen to share their thoughts.

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