Where to stay in Florence

The city of Florence still shines today thanks to the glorious past that has shaped it over the centuries. Cradle of the Renaissance in ancient times, in modern times it has in effect become an open-air museum, where some of the most important masterpieces of art history are still preserved.

The entire city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 and according to scholars, the the Florentine inflection and accent are at the base of the standard Italian originated in the Tuscan capital. So much so that even the Milanese Alessandro Manzoni had to come to Florence to wash his clothes in the Arno, before publishing the Promessi Sposi.

Thanks to the presence of the museums, the delicacies you can find in the traditional osterie, and the proximity to the food and wine routes in the countryside among the vineyards, Florence is a fundamental crossroads for exploring Tuscany. You will be amazed by the architecture that holds unique places like the Duomo, the Uffizi palace, the Ponte Vecchio, and Palazzo Vecchio, just to name a few.

Given the size of the city, deciding where to stay in Florence is a vital issue for tourists who visit the city. You can decide to stay inside the historical city center or, for lovers of uncontaminated nature, also in the countryside that extends around the city.

The choice usually falls on the historic city center if you have booked a vacation that will not last more than a few days and your intention is to visit the aforementioned museums that adorn the streets of the city. Given the presence of limited traffic areas, in the historic city center, you’ll be able to get around mainly on foot. The proximity to the Santa Maria Novella train station where high-speed trains arrive is one of the factors that convinces many tourists to book accommodation in the center, to avoid even more travel after a trip.

Keep in mind that if Florence is just a stop on your holiday and your car is loaded with suitcases, that staying in the historic city center means choosing an apartment of your choice in the areas of Piazza Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella or Piazza San Marco. They are central areas that allow you to experience Florence starting from a privileged position, where everything can be reached in a few minutes.

In addition to the historic city center, one of the recommended areas to stay in Florence is the Oltrarno district. It can be reached by simply crossing the Ponte Vecchio, and it is one of the most authentic districts of Florence, the bearer of a Florentine spirit that will be able to conquer you. Often overlooked by tourists who come to Florence and choose the historic city center without hesitation, the Oltrarno has much to offer.

Furthermore, continuing towards Piazza Santo Spirito and the San Nicolò district you will also find a wide selection of pubs and restaurants.

Florence is considered an extremely safe city. Beyond the historic city center which, as in many European cities, allows you to stay in a very central and convenient location, you should not underestimate the competitiveness of the surrounding neighborhoods. To guide you towards destinations of ineffable beauty will always be the Arno river that crosses the city and gives it that unmistakable romantic atmosphere.
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