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Welcome to Marina di Ravenna! Whether you are a leisure or business traveller, we at Halldis have selected for you the best apartments for rent in Marina di Ravenna, all perfectly located and furnished in accordance with high standards. For over 30 years we have been ensuring that every aspect of your ideal stay is covered:

- Serviced and fully equipped apartments
- Tailor-made offers for both short and extended stays
- Straightforward rental agreements without intermediaries
- Round-the-clock assistance by a team of professionals

Book the apartment of your choice online, or call us at +1 917 30.00.299 or +44!
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The warm heart of Romagna: your blue paradise in Marina di Ravenna 

Marina di Ravenna brings together a varied combination of solar and joyous atmospheres, genuine tradition and a cuisine of a thousand shades.

Only a few kilometers from the gorgeous Ravenna, Marina forms part of the coastal area, which offers the more entertaining and coloured side of the Romagna hospitality.

Along the coast, the magical setting will leave you speechless.

You can do anything you want at Marina di Ravenna – long strolls along the Piallasse, aquatic sports featuring many classes for young and old as well as spending days at the beach which could easily extend until the early hours of the morning: your entertainment is guaranteed!

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