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A wordly pride

“It has always been assumed that Venice is the ideal city for a honeymoon but this is a serious mistake. Living in Venice, or simply visiting it means falling in love and there will be no place left in your heart for anything else”.

If you have never been to Venice, you must make haste and visit it soon, especially if you have the possibility of accommodating overnight in one of the many Halldis apartments scattered throughout the city, where you can savour the true Venetian lifestyle and really feel at home. If possible, a holiday in Venice during the Carnival, when the city is alive with masks, costumes, dances and rituals, like the famous release of the doves.

Peggy Gugenheim was certainly right – Venice represents not only a source of pride for Italy but all over the world, embodying the beauty of its landscape and its secular history unfolded in its streets. San Marco Square, with its own Basilica, the Ducale Palace (from where you can access the famous Bridge of Sighs) and the Bell Tower of San Marco, represent the heart of the city, nestled snugly within a suggestive lagoon where more than 400 bridges span the waters.

Home to artists of the calibre of Titian, Tintoretto, Bellini and Giorgione, Venice provides extraordinary museums, where you can wholly appreciate art around the lagoon, whilst in the typical “wine bars” (Venetian inns) you could be served black cuttlefish and sardines in saor, both of which have to be accompanied by a good glass of wine.